Thursday, September 28, 2006

10 Knittery Things About Me

1. I knit 'backwards' according to my Mom
2. I never stick to a pattern
3. I frequently forget simple things like ribbing: once you get to the next row do you begin with a purl or a knit?
4. I have only once used the recommended yarn for a pattern - it seems to be working out just fine
5. I have begun more projects than I can count
6. I knit slooooowly
7. I don't like to share my yarn
8. I like buying yarn for other people
9. I have never made anything lacey
10. I think most Fair Isle is just ugly


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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

September Garden

Seem to have picked up a touch of the flu - and like all illnesses it came with a cough. I had pneumonia like 5 yrs ago and ever since then I develop coughs by looking sideways and inhaling. Well it feels like I do.

The day home from work let me see my garden on a cool fall morning. Normally I wouldn't get to see this - I am either there at 7 AM or after 6 PM.

It was so nice to listen to the birds chirping and singing while they ate or waited to eat. This little one is my favourite.

Our cats seem to think we have set up a buffet for them. We lost a bird today. I hate that. I know it is instinctual but I wish it didn't happen.

These are a work free addition to any garden - though they may be getting a little thirsty...

Here is delightful burst of autumn colour. Engelman's Ivy. Isn't it stunning?


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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Bloodied from the Battle

Here is how I am progressing with my weapon.

Not 100% pleased with the end product but.... it is war, and war is not pretty.

I will likely make myself a knee sock version so I have to remember to jot down some notes on areas I would like to change.

I am feeling like I have won another battle altogether. For some reason unknown to man (or woman), our computer suddenly became incapable of sound yesterday. I didn't realize it was a larger problem than my favourite game being muted UNTIL another blogger piqued a desire to hear Depeche Mode. Like now.

Not only would DM not play, I couldn't open any sound files and when I tried to access our audio software I was informed we didn't have any. At all. I had just assumed my sister had muted the audio. Wrong.

So after some frustrating troubleshooting instructions that were fruitless and waiting out some downloads and updates, I rebooted and lo and behold. That dragon was slain.

Fittingly Nothing's Impossible is playing as I write this!

THIS JUST IN: This was my 100th POST!!

My blog is growing up, sniff, sniff, grin!


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Sunday, September 24, 2006

It's a boy!

Luc David Brubacher was born at 3:06 AM, Sunday, September 24th.
He weighs 7 lbs 9 oz and is 20" long.

Mom and baby are both healthy and happy!
btw: Mom had nightmares until her water broke after Hotel Rwanda - I told ya so!

In other news, Kira and I made the long trek into IKEA today. How long was the trek?

In human time? 2.5 hrs

Before we hit IKEA we went to visit my cousin Richard. Kira was delighted to see him. I am always amazed by her memory capacity. We were about 3 blocks from my Aunt's place and she started perking up. 1 block and she was whining and pawing at the window. Their block and she could hardly contain herself. The last time she was there with me was over 5 months ago.

This is her 10 minutes out from our own house after we met Luc at the hospital. (really it was not 'we', it was me - no dogs in the hospital)

She was groggy until I said "We're going to see Old Lady soon." I snapped this pic right after - try and tell me she is not smiling!

PS: Old Lady began as a joke since my Mom didn't like to be referred to as a dog's grandmother. Kira took to the nickname right away and now we use it all the time. It is not as disrespectful as it sounds. wink wink

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Saturday, September 23, 2006

An Imminent Arrival...and Departure

My friend is in labour! How exciting!
We had been joking about risk of the GA Premiere kickstarting labour but she made it through. (She had another friend taping it at their place just in case - damned Thursday night overstacked tv schedules! Her vcr was already taping - why don't we have TIVO?)

Last night she rented a show and I went over after work.
Her pick:
Hotel Rwanda.
My immediate reaction: "You want this baby to come by tomorrow, don't you?"

As an aside: Brilliant movie. Brilliant.

She went into labour early this morning and the baby should be here by the time I wake up tomorrow. That is wonderful. Pics will, of course, follow.

Now -
Sock of Doom news. I love this pattern - could it be any easier? I have a minor concern that the sock will be loose on my target - that would really suck. When I was at the forum though my results matched others posted so...the sock will go on. I can totally see myself making more of these socks. That is how easy this pattern is. And so, so much faster than SS Socky III - no disrespect but he is one time/labour intensive project.

I predict that the Sock of Doom will not be here long...

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Tuesday, September 19, 2006


We are on the home stretch people!
By the time this posts it will be one sleep 'til Grey's is back and I am so, so close to having my first ever pair of handmade-by-me socks.

SS Socky III nearly has his mate! I am excited for him. It 's kinda funny that their stripes even might be working out the same on the foot...funny strange that is.

So far we are only at Episode 9 of Season 2, ummmm not looking like our marathon will be done in time for premiere night. Wow though - these episodes are so intense to watch in such a back to back fashion. I am not sure if my Mom is going to be able to take much more. She already told me that she is not going to watch the epsiodes dealing with George and Meredith and you-know - all that. AND the first time around she didn't watch the episodes with Denny and
Man I don't even want to write it.

Tonight we started with the train episode. You know the one with that charming young woman and gentleman pinned together by a steel rod? Yeah. That one broke my heart and I was not even emotionally invested in her. Anyways that made me think about how sad I will be to see Denny

to lose Denny again. (euphimisms do help me)

Not too sure if I can do it.

I know the last 2 episodes are on tomorrow night. Careful with your hearts if you choose to watch - we still have the aftermath to get through.

Thank goodness for the distraction of Meredith's panties on the bulletin board!

Do you think it is Addy? Who else would put them up there?
Seriously. You would have to be some angry to do something that cruel and humiliating - who else cares that much?


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Sunday, September 17, 2006

Fans Like Us

People if you love Grey's get yourselves over here today:

What a brilliant idea. My mom and I just started our own Grey's Marathon yesterday. I totally splurged and got Seasons 1 & 2. It is just as good this time around let me tell you.

Now I can buy myself some yummy grey yarn...No. I am trying so hard to be good. I nearly ordered a LOT of
Tilli Tomas this morning but I stopped myself. My stash is getting out of control and since I am such a slow knitter it could be distressing to see any more yarn just resting in a wicker chest.

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Friday, September 15, 2006

Who Me?

Sneak outside? Never! Why do you ask?

Check out that cheeky monkey. Can you see that green stuff next to her little black nose and on her forehead?

That means 'someone' took themselves for a walk through the weeds under the shrubbery. What a minx. That grass seed is a pain in the *ss to get out of her hair. She hates it - but that doesn't stop her wandering ways.

Haven't been able to knit much or read blogs this week. I am really hoping to get an FO before the end of the month - 2 would be good actually. I would really even like to finish a book this month. Not looking too good AND I am in 2 online Book Clubs and can't even finish the book I started at the end of summer. Where does all of my time go?!

I am determined to finish SS Socky III before Sock Wars start next Friday. Then - all of my knitting energy will be directed at my target. So I guess I had better polish off Sizzle this week as well...Guess I will be watching a lot of tv this week - gee, that shouldn't be too hard since nearly all of my favourite shows premiere this week too.

Still not sure about Survivor Apartheid - bit of a dull start after all of the controversy preceding it. I'll end up watching anyways. Even when it is boring it satisfies the imaginary psychologist in me. The voyeuristic glimpses into human interaction/reaction in stressful circumstances is fascinating. Plus, one idiot or another gets me laughing out loud on that show. This week's winner: Sekou. His argument that they should keep him over a woman based on the women's inability to make fire might have been a little more convincing if HE had managed to make fire! Talk about weak. Bit of a charmer he is - too bad it didn't help him stay longer.

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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

The Memories they're bringin' back, the memories!

My last post has a comment from my brother. He joined Blogger just to leave comments on my blog. Awwwww!

His Blogger name is totally inspired by a childhood tale I will share with you now.

We were visiting my cousin in California and playing his retro-cool (though then current) Hangman game. I am 5 years older than my brother, more or less, and he was about 7 at the time so I guess I was 12.

Now I tend to think of myself as a word queen, and as I was the oldest of all the cousins I was used to easily beating everyone I played word games with (or games in general) but JD totally had me stumped. This was what I had revealed when my man was hung: _amei_ _ _
What the?!?
I will never forget the pride and delight mingled on his face when he revealed his winning word:


I remember laughing forever, but still insisting on telling him that was actually not a 'word' but a phrase. Sheesh, always the big sister.

That is him on the far right a few months after our trip. Cutie Patootie eh? Incidentally that is my cousin B-Nessa, that looks just like me mam, on my shoulders (how do you like that 80's perm?!). Little dolly! Richard? Not even close to being around yet.

Oooh I just had to stop in at the little Gelato/LYS here to check if they sold solid cotton. I need it. It is a necessity. I have to have it for the Dischcloth Fun KAL. It's not a splurge! It's helping me replace all of our cloths.

The cotton was 10% off so...I treated myself to my first ever Noro. Mmmm I love the colours. I am thinking this may become a lovely pillow on my bed - oooh or a rug! The Noro, of course was NOT on sale. Ah well.

Oh and they have new Fall/Winter yarns! Including Debbie Bliss Alpaca Silk. OMG! It is so soft.


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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Sizzle Sputters

Oh man. I lost my mojo. At least for awhile, but I think that now that I am creating the darts in the front I should be motivated to motor on through this baby.

After that armhole situation I haven't been able to get myself started again. I would like to chalk that up to work taking up most of my time but...I have been spending time zoning out and not knitting. So there's that.

I had planned to get some major sock knitting in while I waited outside the school of the 1st little guy I pick up in the afternoon but one thing after another led me to being nearly late. Socky was in my purse though! Don't we always say it is the thought that counts?

In other news - I started working on a Disaster Preparedness Kit for here at home. Talk about depressing. That whole thing about needing a contact number for someone out of province/state who is unlikely to be lost in the same disaster (we live along a major fault line! my entire family lives along the same fault line) is the worst. I remember when I had to put together the kit for work and the pamphlet told us to do that for all of the children in care - and to have photo's of their family since the odds of seeing them again were not good - I had to put my work away and go to Starbucks. Ah yes...I cope well.

I am going to put in some non-necessities like toothpaste and Q-tips, a deck of cards, a journal, Burt's Bees travel kits. You know, little luxuries that won't take a lot of room. Then I thought - HA HA - an emergency sock kit. Think about it. The needles are tiny, one skein will do it and a pattern can be as small as one folded piece of paper. Talk about a sanity saver!

Enough disaster talk- I am off to bed or I will BE a disaster!

Hey - SS Socky III wouldn't load onto my computer for some reason update for him. Maybe in another day or two.


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Monday, September 11, 2006

Lazy Sunday

Just being around the knitting tires her out!

Project pics tomorrow.

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Saturday, September 09, 2006

Saturday Night

My cousins are visiting this weekend! Richard just started BCIT this week and I am so glad he has come home - I really miss him. He is the youngest of us cousins and we have a ludicrous amount in common.

His sister beside me was married this February and only lives less than an hour from here but I still see her rarely. Time just slips away. If you look closely you can really see a resemblance between Vanessa and I. In fact Vanessa's Grad picture looks identical to my Mother's Grade 10 picture. I might just have to scan those in here one day...

Devon is Richard's best friend and yes, I used to babysit him and help him with his school essays. I think he graduates this year. Scary, no?

Here we are beginning an intense game of Rummy-o. Too fun.

Ooh - news: I got the Preschool Assistant position...PERMANENTLY!!! I have been doing the job for nearly 2 years, but went through a number of job scares. I am so happy I can't tell you. At our Open House today I met most of the new families and children. We start on Monday and I am so excited!

Our Open House was so much fun and our building looks incredible! We had three of us for nearly the whole week to clean, organize and label the hell out of the place. That has never happened before!! I am thrilled and feel so much calmer and centred it is incredible. Now I need to do that in my home...that is another story completely.

It is like 11 days to the premiere of Grey's Anatomy and The Office - yay! Oooh and I just read that Shonda Rhimes has created a new show with Jeffrey Dean Morgan - talk about McPerfect. Where is my chocolate-eyed man McMan?
I am thinking I may splurge and buy both DVD sets of GA and have a mega-marathon before the show starts again.

Ummm my fandom has reached a new level of madness. I actually arranged my work schedule to get home by 6 pm so that I can watch the Detroit-time GA so that it leaves me free to see/tape my regular Thursday fare. I kind of hate that they moved the show but what can I do?

Ahhhh, I still have done no knitting. Sad but true. I am thinking tomorrow is the day to finish War & Peace and get on top of a few projects.

SIDE NOTE: The audio version I am listening to has a character who cannot pronounce r's - since I haven't read enough of the book to know him I don't know if he is 'in character' or if it is the actor. But get this lunacy - This gentleman has stolen provisions from a set of soldiers passing through to feed the soldiers he is stationed with, who have gone without food for some time. Naturally, the army doesn't condone this type of thing so he is in considerable trouble. He rushes into his friends Rostov's (make that Wostov's) room and demands vodka saying: "Can you believe this? Awwested. For wobbewy!"
Weedikawus! I say.

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Thursday, September 07, 2006

S is for...

Sensational Severus Snape Sock Yarn!!

Newly arrived today and ohhhh does it smell good (citrus-y Kool-Aid-y YUM) and it is super soft and squashy.
Thank you Stitch-N-Snitch. The yarn is beautiful! I cannot wait to see what sort of wicked socks I can knit up with this yarn - maybe some dragon-ish pattern...
I wonder how much longer we are going to have to wait for that final book?
No knitting content today - work is too crazy. Setting up the building for Kinders & Preschool, both of which start next week AND we are having an Open House on Saturday AND we are being accredited AND we are short about 4 staff.
So, yeah not much time to knit or anything else really.

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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

First day of School

Here in BC the first day of school only lasts for one hour - don't ask - it is a childcare logistical nightmare!

So I had 9 of my summer group after 10 and we went to Fisherman's Park. A river access point just a few blocks from my house.

They had a great time - they spread out (thank GOD), dug to the 'ocean', buried themselves, one guy actually SWAM ( let me tell ya, that water was frosty). A dog came by and ate 2 lunches, ziploc bags and all and then he played with the kids for about an hour.

All in all a pretty good time. Then we headed to 7-11 for Slurpees and a much needed coffee!

When I got home I found this waiting for me:

I am storing it with some Licorice soap from Bowen Island 'cause that wool had a stink on it like you would not believe - not sure why, but it was gag-worthy. (I do seem to have an extra sensitive nose).

It is called Cool Rain - brilliant hey? Can't wait to knit up that sock yarn. Delicious.

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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Spoken too Soon

Was that me just the other day that said Sizzle was simple? Did I say that I didn't even have to look at my work?

Well. Was I wrong!

So on the Back (which is where I still am) the instructions told me to bind off 6 sts at the start of the following 2 rows for the armhole shaping. Done. Then decrease 1 st for the next 9 rows (quoting loosely). Done. As I was measuring the length I would like the armhole to be and I glanced at the pattern and was like "what the?! do I have double vision?!!"
The pattern says: Bind off 6 sts at the start of the following 2 rows. Bind off 6 sts at the start of the following 2 rows. Decrease 1 st ... Later in brackets it has the total # of sts decreased as 21.

Yep. You got it. I was supposed to bind off 6 sts at the start of 4 rows basically - for a total of 12 sts at each armhole. Only then would you get 21 sts decreased for each armhole.

Yeah. So after a brief dip into the frog pond I resumed Sizzle. Sort of the crafters version of measure twice cut once. I should really read the instruction more fully - I do tend to scan them.

AND then when I frogged I did not sensibly frog directly onto the ball of wool. No, no. I just ripped and let the yarn lay. Which means that for 20 minutes I looked a little something like this:

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Monday, September 04, 2006

Centre Gardening

We have an Open House coming up next weekend so I thought I had better get in there and fill in our flower boxes.

Heather and I worked every 2nd Friday off this summer - which was great for our nervous systems but not so good for the flowers. It is hard to motivate yourself to drive all the way in to water plants on your day off.

Here are the flowers and vines that I planted with our Kinders in June. The ones that have made it through our exceptionally dry summer and our spotty watering schedule.

Now we have fish too so I have to go in on Long weekends at least once. Kira always accompanies me. She is fast running out of chances to go to work with me. When the Preschool is open she has to wait until the afternoons to come in. Too distracting for the 3 yr olds! Also - she needs as much attention from me as a 3 yr old so - too distracting for me as well.

Hey - don't you love that line of green grass along the edge of the dead grass?

I have noticed that in pics I seem to enjoy the mountains more than in life. In life I am often too busy to really look at them.


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Sunday, September 03, 2006

Long wekends

Lately long weekends have been used to spend the day in my jammies knitting and watching movies.

I thought I would shake things up a little and listen to a novel instead (since I could barely tolerate the one I was reading). So I began War & Peace this afternoon. I am really enjoying it so far - though on tape it is a little harder to keep track of the many characters, since I can't flip back a page or two, and some of the voices are hard to distinguish as yet. The one drawback I found was that I became quite drowsy knitting in the afternoon heat and listening to the courtiers discuss marriage and war.

I only managed one of ten tapes - I think that even the audio version of War & Peace is going to take awhile to finish! Bring on the long weekends!

Here is a current pic of Sizzle - perfect knitting for watching tv - I don't even have to look at my work - this is a great pattern.

** PS. I have to post that I am really so sad about Steve Irwin. Not so much because of his work but because he was such a dedicated father and husband. No, I totally thought he should not be feeding crocs while holding his infant - but I do not think he showed the best judgement when it came to wild animals - he loved and trusted them like humans. Which only heightens the connection I felt between the Crocodile Hunter's achievements and what the Grizzly Man aspired to be. Both of these men felt an overwhelming kinship to the animals they loved - but that is where the similarities would have ended were it not for their tragic deaths being so alike.

If you ever want to stimulate some rousing discussion - watch Grizzly Man. It is a compelling documentary about a truly complex man whose choices lead to tragedy. What did he accomplish? Each person has a different answer I think.

Also - it has some sadly funny moments as this man and some of his 'friends' are a little more than eccentric. But I have a rather perverse sense of humour.


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Friday, September 01, 2006

Last day of Summer (Program)

If you are from the Lower Mainland you probably recognize this:

and you know that it leads to this:

And so you know that these 2 things, when combined, equal one long day of fun, rides and incredibly good bad-for-you-food. Elephant Ear anyone?

We took 6 kids to PlayLand today aaaaaand since the PNE is open it cost us a modest sum. $287.94 , to be exact. Now, the children had a great time - you know, since they have no concept of money etc. So hopefully this cost will be overshadowed by memories of a great time.

The kids played the carnival games - and now I know why they staff the place with teenagers. Teenagers have no qualm taking 10 bucks from a 6 yr old who doesn't even hit the ledge the Milk Bottles are set up on, never mind knocking them off the ledge. They have no qualm taking the 10 bucks, they don't even skip a beat. It was "Better luck next time. (no eye contact) Anyone else playing today?!! Every game's a winner!" Wait a minute, what was that?

There were games where they all won so...2 had their $store-quality prizes for about $20 in games and 2 more had some bigger stuffed animals (one of them, another 6 yr old, actually decided he didn't need to play after he won at the 1st game. Now that is a sober minded fellow!) and 2 had plastic bead necklaces. When they were telling their parents they were all the same level of excited - so that is reassuring.

The 5 yr old girl wanted to buy Cotton Candy so she only played 1 game and then waited til the end of the day. I don't think it is a co-incidence that she is the sister of the boy who quit while he was ahead.

I took the tall children and we hit most of the big rides. Whoo. It was a lot of fun. But that Starship 3000? I was not ready for gravity's effect on this big-mama body! Let me tell you. I was actually re-considering those warning signs they have posted about half way through that ride. Time to get off this butt and get to the gym - a little less knitting might just be a good thing! I guess I could knit on the recumbant bike...

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