Saturday, September 09, 2006

Saturday Night

My cousins are visiting this weekend! Richard just started BCIT this week and I am so glad he has come home - I really miss him. He is the youngest of us cousins and we have a ludicrous amount in common.

His sister beside me was married this February and only lives less than an hour from here but I still see her rarely. Time just slips away. If you look closely you can really see a resemblance between Vanessa and I. In fact Vanessa's Grad picture looks identical to my Mother's Grade 10 picture. I might just have to scan those in here one day...

Devon is Richard's best friend and yes, I used to babysit him and help him with his school essays. I think he graduates this year. Scary, no?

Here we are beginning an intense game of Rummy-o. Too fun.

Ooh - news: I got the Preschool Assistant position...PERMANENTLY!!! I have been doing the job for nearly 2 years, but went through a number of job scares. I am so happy I can't tell you. At our Open House today I met most of the new families and children. We start on Monday and I am so excited!

Our Open House was so much fun and our building looks incredible! We had three of us for nearly the whole week to clean, organize and label the hell out of the place. That has never happened before!! I am thrilled and feel so much calmer and centred it is incredible. Now I need to do that in my home...that is another story completely.

It is like 11 days to the premiere of Grey's Anatomy and The Office - yay! Oooh and I just read that Shonda Rhimes has created a new show with Jeffrey Dean Morgan - talk about McPerfect. Where is my chocolate-eyed man McMan?
I am thinking I may splurge and buy both DVD sets of GA and have a mega-marathon before the show starts again.

Ummm my fandom has reached a new level of madness. I actually arranged my work schedule to get home by 6 pm so that I can watch the Detroit-time GA so that it leaves me free to see/tape my regular Thursday fare. I kind of hate that they moved the show but what can I do?

Ahhhh, I still have done no knitting. Sad but true. I am thinking tomorrow is the day to finish War & Peace and get on top of a few projects.

SIDE NOTE: The audio version I am listening to has a character who cannot pronounce r's - since I haven't read enough of the book to know him I don't know if he is 'in character' or if it is the actor. But get this lunacy - This gentleman has stolen provisions from a set of soldiers passing through to feed the soldiers he is stationed with, who have gone without food for some time. Naturally, the army doesn't condone this type of thing so he is in considerable trouble. He rushes into his friends Rostov's (make that Wostov's) room and demands vodka saying: "Can you believe this? Awwested. For wobbewy!"
Weedikawus! I say.

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Posted by Miss Scarlett @ 11:20 PM

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Congratulations on your job! Sounds like you'll be able to relax in your position, which is just great! And you know, the knitting will kick in again - keep fondling these lovely yarns you've been acquiring and they'll start talking to you... really!

Posted by Blogger deirdre @ 4:21 AM #

Congratulations on your newfound job security! What a great feeling! :0)

Posted by Blogger Charity @ 11:29 AM #

Hooway for the job secuwity!! heheh

I used to do a TON of driving and loved listening to audio books. It was always so disappointing if the reader's voice was unpleasant to me. I always thought "they should be paying me to pick their readers cause this sucks!" heh

Posted by Blogger Laura @ 2:23 PM #

Yes I too am ticked off about the schedule change of G Anatomy. It's such a great Sunday evening show. One is always home and in the mood for TV at 9 on a Sunday.
Weeknights are hit and miss. And 8pm!! Whose idea was that?

Posted by Blogger Yvette @ 6:23 PM #

It's true. It is a very bad timeslot.
Here it is airing at 9 - the same time as CSI: Las Vegas and The Office.
Both incredibly strong shows - both I watch. I think ABC is making a big mistake with a great show. It scares me 'cause when stations do that to shows usually they move it again in a year, then the next season they move it part way through then it is gone.
They should have left it where it was - it was getting more viewers than Desperate Housewives.

Ah well. We'll see.

Posted by Blogger Miss Scarlett @ 8:25 PM #
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