Friday, September 01, 2006

Last day of Summer (Program)

If you are from the Lower Mainland you probably recognize this:

and you know that it leads to this:

And so you know that these 2 things, when combined, equal one long day of fun, rides and incredibly good bad-for-you-food. Elephant Ear anyone?

We took 6 kids to PlayLand today aaaaaand since the PNE is open it cost us a modest sum. $287.94 , to be exact. Now, the children had a great time - you know, since they have no concept of money etc. So hopefully this cost will be overshadowed by memories of a great time.

The kids played the carnival games - and now I know why they staff the place with teenagers. Teenagers have no qualm taking 10 bucks from a 6 yr old who doesn't even hit the ledge the Milk Bottles are set up on, never mind knocking them off the ledge. They have no qualm taking the 10 bucks, they don't even skip a beat. It was "Better luck next time. (no eye contact) Anyone else playing today?!! Every game's a winner!" Wait a minute, what was that?

There were games where they all won so...2 had their $store-quality prizes for about $20 in games and 2 more had some bigger stuffed animals (one of them, another 6 yr old, actually decided he didn't need to play after he won at the 1st game. Now that is a sober minded fellow!) and 2 had plastic bead necklaces. When they were telling their parents they were all the same level of excited - so that is reassuring.

The 5 yr old girl wanted to buy Cotton Candy so she only played 1 game and then waited til the end of the day. I don't think it is a co-incidence that she is the sister of the boy who quit while he was ahead.

I took the tall children and we hit most of the big rides. Whoo. It was a lot of fun. But that Starship 3000? I was not ready for gravity's effect on this big-mama body! Let me tell you. I was actually re-considering those warning signs they have posted about half way through that ride. Time to get off this butt and get to the gym - a little less knitting might just be a good thing! I guess I could knit on the recumbant bike...

Posted by Miss Scarlett @ 7:56 PM

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Man, you must be one patient soul to manage a fair like that with 6 kids!!! I know that's what you do, but I am bowing down in unworthiness - can't even imagine it! Were you exhausted - tell me you were at least exhausted!

Posted by Blogger deirdre @ 3:18 PM #

Not only was my patience exhausted - we got stuck in traffic 10 minutes from our centre. It took 55 minutes to reach our building when normally that is a 10 minute drive. It was AWFUL!
During times like that,when I seriously rethink being a parent, I say to myself "This is why humans do not have children in litters."
Of course there have been increasing numbers of multiples and I do not know how people do that. I may have 6 kids at a fair. But when we get back they all go home - know what I mean?

Posted by Blogger Miss Scarlett @ 3:38 PM #

Hi you!
I'm so glad you liked your giftees. I had such fun buying them all, packing them up and then seeing them in photos on the other side of the country. How cool is that?
I sent you an e-card with the BIG REVEAL a while back. I hope you got it?

Posted by Blogger Yvette @ 6:50 PM #

Sounds like a busy, but fun day! Thanks for your comment on my blog... I'm up in Prince George :0)

Posted by Blogger Charity @ 10:44 PM #
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