Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Too funny

I was tagged - now you're it!

20 Things that Irritate Me

1. Cramps - of any kind
2. Lining up for anything
3. Having to run to catch things - buses, children, dogs
4. Waking up late for work
5. Co-workers who worry/gripe/TALK NONSTOP!!!
6. Ringing telephones when I am already busy
7. TV or music on in background when it is noisy -- like a group of people talking OVER tv or music
8. Invasive weeds in my garden
9. Mistakes in knitting patterns
10. Making mistakes in my knitting
11. Frogging stitches
12. Measuring anything
13. Math
14. Skins of milk on top of my coffee or hot chocolate
15. Clutter
16. Whining
17. RUSTLING PLASTIC - you wouldn't believe how often that happens - unless you hate it too
18. People that drive like seniors UNTIL you get to a passing lane
19. My slow, slow knitting - or seeing the progress of faster knitters
20. Having to attend functions when I would rather be at home in my PJ's


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Grey's Anatomy

(I know, I know tasteless)


The Memory Keeper's Daughter
HP and the Philosopher's Stone


Sopranos - Season 3

Rome Season 2

Stashalong Goals Met

1. Sizzle
4. Darling
7. Mary Janes
8. Absorba
9. Felted Oregon Tote
12. Purple Roving Scarf
13. Le Slouch
14. Uniscarfity

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