Monday, August 28, 2006


My final package came today from my SP. She has been so great. There was a total purple theme in this gift box.

2 balls of luscious purple mohair blend...what will it become...
The most beautiful chopsticks in stunning printed silk covers. And yes, I do like sushi - but my mother, she LOVES it.

And - for some reason the camera wouldn't load this pic - a Knitting To Go set. I am so excited about that! I was looking to buy that actually - so it is perfect. My good friend is about to have a baby and is not too keen on handknits but I know she will make an exception for the Teddy Bear hat and the Blocks in that kit.


Sorry the pics are blurry - what the deuce is up with my camera?!

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Sunday, August 27, 2006


Now that I am slowly coming to terms with the end of summer I have begun working on Sizzle in earnest.

It is coming along quite quickly too. I am already half way through the dart decreases for the back.

Isn't the yarn lovely and shimmery? This is the yarn I won while Warming Grace. It is just delicious to work with - a lovely Pima Cotton & Silk blend. It is quite slippery on my metal circs though.

Everytime I bring it out Kira sniffs it eagerly ( I've smelled it too, but I didn't notice anything). My mother couldn't stop touching it this morning - it really does feel good and I think that it should drape nicely too. I am enjoying the simplicity of this knit, let me tell you. The other projects I have been working on were non-stop learning experiences and this is a welcome change.

Naturally I made a mistake already. I was to knit 1.5" in seed stitch and I measured carefully all the way along - I thought. It was only later that I realized I had knit 1 1/4" - yuh. Wrong big line on the tape measure! That can happen when you are knitting and talking on the phone while watching tv.

In other news - I bravely ventured forth into my garden this morning only to discover... another dead rat. Honestly. Thoroughly disgusting. Lucky for me my mother's dear friend came over and he fixed the ivy trellis - beneath which one of our cats has been depositing dead rats.
There was no chance I was going to get to that anytime soon.

We live near a river and a creek but rats have not been a problem before. Not for us anyways. And I haven't even been feeding the birds. Could they like plums? My mom thinks the cats are bringing them back from far away. I am not so sure.

ALSO - through a major A-HA! moment today I discovered what was making the clicking-type noise near our sliding door/ceiling for the last month. No, Mom, I told you it was not the clock! Wasps. Hordes of them are making their way under a piece of siding just above our sliding door. So a call will be made to pest control first thing tomorrow.

I am so excited! I finally figured out how to move pictures in posts! (key angelic chorus) Oh the options!

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Book Meme

Book Meme?! How fun.

1. One book that changed your life: Child of The Morning - the fictional biographical tale of the only female Pharoah to rule Egypt, Hatshepsut.

2. One book that you've read more than once: Little Women, Gone With the Wind & The Hobbit are yearly reads for me.

3. One book that you'd want on a desert island: That would have to be the Complete Works of Shakespeare for sheer variety and total indulgence.

4. One book that made you laugh: The Van by Roddy Doyle. "My man Phantom of the Opera." for starters.

5. One book that made you cry: Just one? Oh I have to think about this one... Deep End of the Ocean.

6. One book you wish you had written: Since I haven't written any books this list could be limitless.

7. One book you wish had never been written: Really? How about I wish I had never READ? That would be American Psycho. That book made me ill. I read it on purpose because there was such a cry for censorship around it. I nearly, nearly considered that censorship may have a place in society afterall after reading it. When I found out my little brother read it I nearly cried - luckily he found it upsetting and a great conversation ensued. So censorship be damned - and this question sounded like a case for censorship (unless I am taking the meme too seriously and God knows that can happen).

8. One book you're currently reading: The Scarlet Pimpernel - I'm finding it so-so thus far.

9. One book you have been meaning to read: Moby Dick - for like ever.

10. Tag!!

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Saturday, August 26, 2006

Summer is winding down.

And so am I! Yes. We are on the homestretch for Back To School. I think it is time - I think the kids do too. We are starting to drive each other mad.
In other news...I got a surprising amount of gardening done today. Planted a large number of perennials at work - including a new row of pink heather along a pathway.
Ugh - which reminds me of a horrifying incident since my last post, that has left me unable to enter my own garden yet. Let's just say it involved a pair of flip flops, a dead rat and Oscar-worthy screaming.

I finally, yes FINALLY sent off my last SP8 & OS Pal exchange packages. I know. Procrastinate much? I also sent off a little surprise to someone who shall remain nameless for the time being.

While watching a movie that "ain't no bank robbery!" I made a KTC project for Lolita. Cast on and cast off in the same day. Will wonders never cease? I guess that is what can happen if you are not using 2 mm dpns.

It has become much cooler at night and (yep - back to the title of the post! try and keep up with me now) it is getting dark by 9 PM. I can barely wait for the leaves to start changing and then for frost! I love Fall. It makes me want to read, read, read. Oh. And knit. I have noticed lately that my favourite things involve me 1) Being at home & 2) Sitting.


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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

I really have been knitting!

But mostly I can't show it here because I have to mail it out to my SP & OS Pal.

In the end I decided to fix the 1st SS Socky III. I just couldn't stand that loose, loose and lumpy sock. Even with a whopping 26 stitch decrease the cuff still gapes at the back - but it doesn't fall down so...there you have it.

I also made a Garterlac Dishcloth. For the first time in my life I wish I had used a striped yarn - I know. I mostly would hate to see the kind of sock I just made, and I would never in a million years buy a sock with such a pattern, but since it is handmade and it feels so good on - I am a total convert. AND when you see this pattern done in a stripe - you will know I should have used a varieagated yarn.

Perhaps next time...

Speaking of firsts - Previously I was a person who disdained handknit/crochet dishcloths. Now I love them and bought 6 more balls of cotton (and yep, they are stripey) so that I can make a collection. I want to replace all of the storebought cloths in our kitchen drawer. I am even thinking of making luxurious cloths for bath use.

What next? you ask. I really don't know.

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Too funny

I was tagged - now you're it!

20 Things that Irritate Me

1. Cramps - of any kind
2. Lining up for anything
3. Having to run to catch things - buses, children, dogs
4. Waking up late for work
5. Co-workers who worry/gripe/TALK NONSTOP!!!
6. Ringing telephones when I am already busy
7. TV or music on in background when it is noisy -- like a group of people talking OVER tv or music
8. Invasive weeds in my garden
9. Mistakes in knitting patterns
10. Making mistakes in my knitting
11. Frogging stitches
12. Measuring anything
13. Math
14. Skins of milk on top of my coffee or hot chocolate
15. Clutter
16. Whining
17. RUSTLING PLASTIC - you wouldn't believe how often that happens - unless you hate it too
18. People that drive like seniors UNTIL you get to a passing lane
19. My slow, slow knitting - or seeing the progress of faster knitters
20. Having to attend functions when I would rather be at home in my PJ's


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Saturday, August 19, 2006

Travels with Knitters

I surprised my mother and my Aunt today with a daytrip to Bowen Island.
We had the best weather. It was just a beautiful day.

We found this lovely little store that just happened to be having a sale on all Knitting books, yarns and needles.
I bought a small set of Birch DPN's for SS Socky III. They are lovely but I snapped the 1st one I used. Forgot my own strength and the fact that I knit quite tightly. Neither good qualities when you are knitting with what amounts to slivers of wood.

I also bought a skein of sock yarn that is dyed to look like Fair Isle. Kind of kitschy - she had a pair of socks knit up to see how they turn out. They are pretty good - I thought it might be fun to watch the pattern emerge on its own. A little Potter-y perhaps?

I sent my Mom & Aunt to lunch while I relaxed with SS Socky III and Kira at the waterfront where we met some precocious children (not unusual for me - they seem to have a 6th sense - they just seek me out).

Three sisters eating hot dogs for lunch sat in the shade with us. After watching me knit for a few minutes the oldest (about 8) says "Do you mean to tell me you actually know what you are doing with that?" pointing at Socky and all his pokey needles. "Yep. I do." She slapped herself in the forehead and shook her head in disbelief. Her sisters mouths actually dropped open. I told them it looks more confusing than it is. Then showed them how a square of needles = a round sock. She asked me how I learned and when I told her I read it in a book she nodded very wisely and told her sisters "Of course. That is where you start. With a book." They both nodded solemnly, eyes wide.

"When you first started you looked at the book a lot, then you knew how to do it, then you got faster and faster and then you didn't need the book at all. Books are like that. They're a good way to learn anything you need to know." Well. I couldn't disagree with that. My Mom had the camera or you would have seen these three worldly wise children who were so very impressed by Socky.

We spent some time relaxing on the shore of Tunstall Bay while Kira explored. Then we had a fabulous Taco Salad Bowl and homemade pie before we got on our ferry home.

Oh - and on that ferry ride home, the very same pigeon whom I had been speaking of so kindly just moments before, flew into the rafters directly above our car and shat on me & Kira and the inside of our car door. It was hot, huge and completely disgusting. I was nearly sick. Kira just looked at me with the biggest, saddest eyes and laid her head on my lap. Boy was I glad my mother hoards napkins in the glove box. Let me tell you!

While I worked on Socky, my Aunt completed about 4"s of a cabled blanket she is making for my cousin. Talk about fast! Again, no pic - I blew it - sorry.

BTW - we were lucky to find some yarn on the Island. Not only has the Fibre Arts Studio closed, the farm where they grew the sheep, sheared the wool etc etc until they sold you the yarn has also closed. Talk about disappointing.

ALSO: I have had very little time to blog. Work life has been madly, insanely interesting lately. We are waiting for big changes on Monday. Perhaps Tuesdays blog will have some the meanwhile it is very hard to wait. Nevermind concentrate on knitting...with toothpicks!

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Monday, August 14, 2006


SS Socky III is half done!
That is to say....
I have made my first ever sock!

Many, many times I thought it would never end.
I am nearly in disbelief.
Now the thing is to begin again.
Perhaps knitting the sock the proper way...

No I don't think so.
I am going to knit the 2nd sock and then go back and fix the 1st.
You can see by the pics that it has a somewhat bulbous shape near the ankle.
Umm, uh-yeah. Apparently I am not quite as good at reading recipes as I thought I was.
I totally neglected to follow decreases with a plain knitting round.
So all of my decreases happened one after the other.
Which creates a lumpy stump of a sock. Such as the one pictured above.

Nonetheless I am quite pleased by my very first sock.
So much so that I might just go straight to bed and NOT finish watching the 3rd Matrix.
It took 2 Matrix's and 40 minutes of the 3rd to finsh SS Socky III.
How long til he has a mate?
You could ask the Oracle - if she wasn't deleted.

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Get thee to a purveyor of books!!


This book is by far the funniest thing I have ever, ever read.

It is keeping me up late laughing out loud. True laughing out loud - not an online acronym for smiling broadly.

Knitting post later today.


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Saturday, August 12, 2006

The sweet tastes of summer

Well, more like the tart tastes of summer!
Look at those luscious blackberries growing in our cedar hedge. They are so sweet! Big fat things.
These are my first apples from my little tree - it has 16 apples on it and it is only 2 yrs old.
I gathered the fruit from my small (but productive) organic garden to make a fruit cobbler for dessert/dinner.
It turned out rather well I think.

Still haven't gotten (is that even a word?) around to any knitting this weekend. Unless you count 1 row of SS Socky III...I don't.

But I did clean the car, inside and out. It was becoming a mobile cause of humiliation.
Then I mostly played online mahjong and read blogs. I did get out for 2 walks today as well. I am trying to get active again. Slowly but surely. At least, that is what I am telling myself. ;-D

I am off to read A Confederacy of Dunces. It is my cousin Richard's favourite book. I have to say, I am on pg. 3 and have laughed out loud already. That is a great start!

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It was so good to be home today. Camping was fun, but am I ever glad it is one year away again. That gives me time enough to forget the sheer amount of labour, drama and frustration involved when you go camping with 22 children (only 15 slept over) 2 teachers and 3 parents (hey, the parents were GREAT). Oh, and it rains. At 4:30 AM. Oh. And then the kids wake up at 5:45 AM. And they are AWAKE. And hungry.

So yeah. A year is just time enough to make it seem like a good idea again.
See my Bean? She snuck into one of the kids tents, scratched at their sleeping bag and made herself a nest!

Today, when I wasn't sleeping (still plagued by a cough. 2 weeks and counting) I read a fantastic book. It has been a long time since I read a can't-put-this-down book.

Anything else? Oh yes! My KnitPicks order finally arrived. I have 2 skeins to dye, yarn for my tank top and Knitting Vintage Socks. I am a little non-plussed to see how many of the best looking socks are called "Gentlemen's" something or other. I haven't looked closely enough to see what size they turn out to be. If they are reasonable I will make them anyways. Now I just need to order some mini circular needles and be done with inadvertently poking poor Kira with my sock needle spherical contraption.

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Monday, August 07, 2006

This just in...

Kira looks as exhausted by this Yarn Over patterning as I feel. Sadly I don't think I am up for the lacey challenge. And it's just a washcloth!

I started my morning by reaching through our living room window and picking a plum. They are not quite ripe - but I sort of enjoy that. A slight crunchiness and tart, tart skin. Delicious.

So far my long weekend has consisted of a ludicrous amount of websurfing, movie watching and knitting. Oh. And lounging in my PJ's.

I was going to spend a few days at the beach but there has been a disaster. I cannot even believe it. Residents aren't allowed near right now. We take our kids to both beaches all of the time - in fact we were just there on Monday. My sister works down at the waterfront and we have been watching the baby Canadian Geese all season. It is very, very depressing. The crazy thing is, the chemical spill they mention from last year - our kids were there at the river that day. I was camping at Twin Harbors State Park at the time, but I write the itinerary so I knew where they were. They were totally shocked to arrive for their picnic to see dead fish all over the shore and floating downstream. Thankfully no one was hurt since the company that caused the spill did not contact residents/officials for over 12 hrs - long enough for a group of children to head to the river for the day.

I try to teach the children to care for our earth, to make responsible decisions, and to consider the impact we all have and here in the last 2 years they are getting the worst kind of education about our fragile environment.

I could go on and on like this - but this is a knitting blog, right?

Speaking of knitting - I listened to my first ever podcast last night. CutieKnittahFairy! Talking about the Sea Socks Cruise, Magic Loop etc. Oh and some pretty cool tunes too. It was a lot of fun. I hope she keeps it up.

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Sunday, August 06, 2006

Tee Hee

I was mentioned on another blog! I am so excited about it!

The Rule of Four

4 Jobs I've had in my life

1. Chambermaid - My first job. I was 16. It was hard but I was lucky. I had great ladies who took care of me - I never had to clean a party room. Let me tell you - that is nice.
2. Nanny - Fun, fun, fun. But practically free - not a way to support yourself. It helped me between High School & College
3. Barista - 'cause that just sounds so much better. No, it wasn't Starbucks. It was a little privately owned coffee/tea house in a historical building. I did this for nearly a year when I took a hiatus from childcare. It was fun, relaxed (maybe a little too relaxed) and always interesting. By and large I met incredibly nice people, most tourists - but let me tell you the strange ones (and there were strange ones!) make for better stories.
4. Early Childhood Educator - sounds pretentious but it covers the gamut. Since 1995 I have worked in preschools (3-5 yr olds) and daycares (infant care, toddler care, 3-5 care) in a variety of programs. Currently I am working in an Out of School Care program - we are having a total blast going on daily field trips this summer.

4 Movies I would watch over and over

1. Hamlet - the Mel Gibson version (this was so pre, pre, pre DUI rant)
2. Persuasion - Sigh...
3. The Fifth Element - so over the top and that opera diva!
4. Amadeus - that movie literally changed my life

4 Places I've lived

1. Prince Rupert, BC - Ok I was 8 months old when we moved but...
2. Vancouver, BC - from 8 months to 3 yrs old and then from 17-24 yrs old
3. Bellingham, WA - for about 9 months as a wild and crazy teen
4. Squamish, BC - from 3 yrs old - 17 and then 24-present

4 TV Shows I watch

1. Grey's Anatomy
2. Lost
3. Survivor
4. The Office

4 Places I've vacationed

1. Alaska - from the decks of cruise ships that is. 4 cruise ships in fact: The Dawn Princess, The Mercury, The Infinity and The Radiance of the Seas. It may seem excessive but each cruise has been round-trip Vancouver to Vancouver and on sale and with extended family/friends who don't dig the heat. That is how I excuse it...
Next September we are taking the Norwegian Sun to Alaska
2. Disneyland - It truly is the happiest place on earth!
3. New York, Ny - I love that city
4. Montreal, QE (?) - beautiful city with incredible restaurants

4 Websites I visit daily

1. All of the links in my sidebar
2. The Weather Network - lame, I know
3. Sympatico Entertainment - where else would I get all the celebrity dirt?
4. CTV News

4 Favourite foods

1. Chocolate anything nearly (just no covered insects - that is a nightmare)
2. Pad Thai
3. Asparagus
4. Ice Cream

4 Places I would rather be right now

1. Camping in Nehalem Bay, Oregon. This spot is so incredible. A 15 min walk on the beach to town and some fabulous lattes. Kira went crazy running on the beach every morning.
2. On a deckchair with my music, journal, knitting, a great book and an overpriced latte.
3. Bard on the Beach
4. Laying on a sandy beach with the sound of the waves crashing.

4 Friends I think will respond with their own list of 4

1. Jessica @ Jessalu Knits
2. Carrie @ Every Word's a Purl
3. Cynthia - if she was feeling better. :-{
4. Really even these are guesses - my blog is just a baby still


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Saturday, August 05, 2006

There will never be a day

when I won't think of youuuu!
I liked this pic of my program - ghostly isn't it?
I went to Phantom with my good friend the other night.
It was spectacular!! And we had the understudy as Phantom too.
It was her first time seeing it performed live so I was thrilled that it was so fabulous.

I have seen the Phantom more than once. It is my favourite musical - well, as a child Showboat was my favourite musical. I still sing a mean Old Man River when the mood strikes. I even taught myself to play After the Ball on the piano as a kid.

Actually some of my fondest memories are of my extended family watching old school Hollywood musicals in my Grandparents living room. Ohhhh I just remembered that my Uncle is waiting for me to drop our copy of the Music Man off...nicely done Michelle. We got trouble with a capital 'T'. I have not been able to remember anything all week.

Tell me I am not wickedly selfish but we are supposed to be taking our kids (work) camping next week and the weather forecast is calling for rain AND I am actually hoping it will rain and we can cancel. We have just had 2x the number of kids sign up than we were expecting. Ah well.
Maybe I should teach them some musical numbers around the campfire. They should totally love that! Quite a few of them saw the movie version of Phantom and said the same thing I did...ummm that Phantom was BEAUTIFUL! No need for him to hide behind a mask - until partway through the show when his hair turned white, thin and stuck straight up. BIZARRE.

I cannot post any pics of my current knitting as they are intended as gifts...perhaps after they are sent out.


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Thursday, August 03, 2006

Where have I been?!??

There was a questionaire we were supposed to post?
Sorry I took so long to clue in.

Here goes:

1) What is your favorite season of the year? Oh that is tricky for me. Spring - because everything is coming to life and each day is like a treasure hunt. Closely tied with Fall - because of the changing colours and the woodsmoke in the air and the crunch of frost and the cosy, cosy book reading.

2) Where is your favorite vacation spot? Oh Salt Spring Island most definitely. It even beats out cruising - I bet that would surprise most of my family! LOL Salt Spring has everything I could ever want - I can't even think about it or I am going to be sad.

3) If you could visit any place in the world, where would it be? Egypt. Valley of the Kings. Hatshepsut's temple!! Karnak. Thebes. If I could only convince someone to go with me to that war torn region where tourists are shot at...why can't I??

4) If you could pick any job, and be paid well, what would it be? Oh no. I can't. Oh wait : Professional book reader. NOT critic - no writing involved, unless it is voluntary. Just a person who makes writers happy because someone is reading their book - and I get to be at home with my dog, my garden, my family and my knitting. Are you sure that is not a job?

5) If you were going on vacation for 1 week, and had to take ONLY one project with you, what would it be? Oh lord. At the moment - my Laura T - it is long enough but changing enough that I wouldn't finish it or get too bored.

6) If you won a shopping spree to your favorite Yarn shop, what would you get?? Yipes! Lots of cotton fleece - my SP sent me some and I am in LOVE - I used it all up already. It is soooo soft and so practical. I have a vision of creating myself and everyone I know the must luxe bathing cloths...why did I make dish cloths? All the better to shop for my pretty...
I would go project mad. I would consult my mental list of patterns and snatch up the yummiest yarn possible to make them all. Then I would get nutty picking up things for my Mom & my Aunts. Notice they come pretty late in the list? Coincidence? I think not. I am a selfish, selfish brat.

These questionaires are such fun! This whole process is wonderful - I am enjoying this immensely. I want badly to go shopping for my pal again...and I already have things for her. I love to surprise people with things that they love so Secret Pal is just the thing.


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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Just how many UFO's do I have?

Ummmm Blogger won't upload that many pics!
But no really - here are the most current UFO's - as in this summer (June -August...the 2nd that is)

You can see my 1st pair of Mary Jane's (still waiting to learn how to add crochet).
Absorba the Great (in cream under the MJ's - sort of blending in with the afghan)
SS Socky III
1/4 of Laura T from Big Girl Knits

Oh and TAG!!
You're it!


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One Skein Pal Comes Through!!!

I received the best package today!!
My original OSP bailed - but her replacement thoroughly delivered!

A huge box came in the mail today. It contained 3 seperately wrapped packages WITH notes for June - August.

Check out the glorious gifts! I love everything. She made me 2 things. A lovely cream coloured bag to hold my knitting projects and a lacy ribbon scarf.

She was so very thoughtful! She read my blog and wrote me an e-mail. She wrote me 4 seperate cards that were included in her packages. It was so very kind and generous of her to step in.

I really appreciate it! I cannot decide what to do first - but my Mom has already claimed the mini-sock key chain. She loves making tiny projects!


gore! blogger is taking a lifetime to load photos - check back later for pics.

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What next?

I should have gone to bed early tonight - since tomorrow is my first day back to work in a loooonnngg time. I have a dreadful head cold that has left me sleeping most of the day for the last 4 days.
But I suddenly had an urge to make something.
So I de/re-constructed a skirt from a pair of jeans that were always just a little too short.
I am actually quite pleased with the way that it has turned out.
AND I did it all by me-self.
Usually I get my mother to do my sewing for me. I mean ALL of my sewing for me.
I did just buy a pattern (see above) and perhaps this weekend I will get some fabric for a skirt or two.
That is if I haven't wasted all of my money before I get paid...good luck!

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Tuesday, August 01, 2006


We have a problem!"

Ummm something dreadful has happened with my sock.
Which is sad because the actual foot part fits really, really well.
It is super comfy.

But the cuff - is looooooooose. And there is a big lump at the back. And it is at the wrong part of my leg. Total bummer.

I decreased way too fast. When I re-read the pattern I see that I was supposed to have rows in between that I somehow did not notice - rows that would have added about 3 " of leg to the socks.

I was going to ask for advice but on looking at the pictures I think. Scrap. It is time to frog the poor thing.

Well. Not tonight but perhaps tomorrow morning.

The title is a qoute from my favourite old-timey cartoon days. I say it whenever something is going wrong! Do you remember that one?

Update: Haven't slept keep thinking about this problem. Have any of you ever ripped from the other end of an item and then re-knit? I am thinking of finishing this then tearing back the top and re-knitting - it might be easier than starting over...then again it might not work. It seems like it will...


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Grey's Anatomy

(I know, I know tasteless)


The Memory Keeper's Daughter
HP and the Philosopher's Stone


Sopranos - Season 3

Rome Season 2

Stashalong Goals Met

1. Sizzle
4. Darling
7. Mary Janes
8. Absorba
9. Felted Oregon Tote
12. Purple Roving Scarf
13. Le Slouch
14. Uniscarfity

On My Needles

Anemoi Mittens

Baby Blankie

Blanket of Many Colours

Cotillion Socks

Laura Tee

Ravenclaw House Scarf

Severus Snape Gentleman's Fancy Socks

Surprise Baby Gift

Up Next

Bathrobes x1: Seth
Seed Stitch Noro Hat: Me
Kidlet Socks: SP9

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