Thursday, March 30, 2006

Froggy Went A Courtin'...


I am attempting to complete one of my UFO's from over a year ago. Generally I keep pretty good notes in margins, post-it's etc to document the changes I make to patterns. Tonight as I continue knitting the Front Right Side of my cardigan something is just not looking right to me. I measure, re-measure, eyeball. Time to rip. I rip. Re-knit 6 rows. Hmmmm. Rip. Rip some more. Measure. I hold the Left Side up to myself. Now either I am confused or it seems a little short.
I shrug and knit about 8 more rows. Time to compare sides. What the blazes? Still no match.
Pull out that measuring tape. Check the pattern 3 or 4 times, search for notes I know are not there in any of those margins. Confronted with the thought of ripping out my work AGAIN at 11 PM I reach into the knitting bag and pull out the back.
Oh dear god. The completed Left Side is shorter. 4"'s shorter.
Maybe I can frog that and just let the Right Side continue. Nope. The fully-fashioned decreases on the Right Side are not so fully-fashioned.
So here is my dilemma.
I can frog a few rows of the Right Side and make those decreases fully-fashioned and then frog the Left Side entirely.
OR: It is boucle, it is 100% Acrylic and it doesn't really even show the seed stitch pattern on the edges so I can frog the whole thing. Then I can get started on those striped knee socks I really want to make.
Yep. I think we both know what I am going to do.
If I am ever out of fresh projects that boucle could make a cozy travel blanket for my dog!

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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Interspecies Knit Along

Here are my requisite 'cute cat' pics!
This guy is so strong he was pulling my needles right out of my hand with one paw. Little gaffer.

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Monday, March 27, 2006

Stash Preview

So here is a sneak peek at Area 1 of my stash. Now I must say that it is mixed with my Mother's stash as well. She knits a lot of baby things and dolls etc. So the more pastel/bright of selections are hers.
This stash contains my oldest yarns - so there are a lot of textures I will no longer use - at least not for myself. When I first started knitting again I was making sweaters for my dog etc. And so I wasn't too discriminating in my fibre choices.
I would like to think that my choices have improved but I still have a lot to learn about fibre quality and choices - all the interest and time in the world to do it in too!
Well, I have run out of wool for my 2nd Mukluk and can't get to my shop until Saturday. So...I will attack 1 0f 2 sweater UFO's that I have gathering dust.
One of my memory cards is still stubbornly refusing to download pics so I will have to reshoot my FO gallery if I ever want to post the pics.
Just glancing up through this post I see that I have used the word 'so' quite a few times...

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Sunday, March 26, 2006

Flash Your Stash

I read about this event at a Blog I love to read. I have no idea how I can put this up as a for now here it is!
I know it can be done - and I have set up my own links in the past...but for some reason this skill is escaping me tonight.
I am going to have some real work on my hands gathering my stash in order to photograph it. This should be fun - and a great way to rediscover what yarn is lurking about, utterly forgotten and ready to be re-discovered.

PS - Soles of Mukluk #2 are done. Have had no quality time to knit - just finished Music & Movement training for work. Constant locomotor motion, accompanied by singing didn't lend itself well to knitting! Usually I rejoice to hear I will be in training 'cause I get the most knitting done.

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Thursday, March 23, 2006

You Are Miss Piggy

A total princess and diva, you're totally in charge - even if people don't know it.
You want to be loved, adored, and worshiped. And you won't settle for anything less.
You're going to be a total star, and you won't let any of the "little people" get in your way.
Just remember, piggy, never eat more than you can lift!
The Muppet Personality Test

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Ok. I admit it. I am an online gossip reader. Sometimes I know more details about complete strangers than I do my own family.
But tonight I read that Jennifer Aniston does not like reality tv. She doesn't want anymore shows like Knitting with the Stars - thinks they are sh*t.
Well. I would LOVE to see that show. I don't watch Stars on Ice or Dancing with Once Upon a Time Stars. BUT if there was a Knitting with the Stars I wouldn't miss an episode. If only to check out what kinds of ridiculously overpriced wool they would have or if they make the maid wind their hanks into balls or if their adopted children are up to their elbows in bathtubs of lightly tinted water so they can have hand-dyed one of a kind wools. Or if they are too busy - and we all know stars are very busy, very important people - would they hire a personal knitter? Would the personal knitter get screen time? or just be an unrecognizable name in the credits? Could you even begin to imagine the stash an A-list celeb might have? The house in the Hamptons, the Island in the Caribbean, the cottage in Vermont. What kind of needles would they be using - bone? porcelain? some sort of extinct wood? hand blown glass? And whose patterns would they deign to use? Lagerfeld? Gabbana? Mizrahi? hisssss
Now this is a show people!
This is ratings GOLD.
Once again Aniston, completely out of touch. Now move over, I think that is Brangelina...

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Monday, March 20, 2006

1 Mukluk down...

The seams are sewn and now this mukluk awaits it's mate. Then the fun of felting begins.
After reading other blogs I am feeling a little nervous that I didn't do any trial swatches...I never do. Could be a problem.
At the moment this mukluk is a thigh high!
Tomorrow night I will begin the 2nd.

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A Gallery of FO

Since this blog has been so neglected - and the projects too - I thought I would post a selection of finished objects (fo) - lest anyone get the wrong idea! I really can finish things...
FO always makes me goes back to 1997/1998. A celebrity was visiting this quaint town. Stopping in a local bar in fact. A man who in Germany would have been mobbed, but since this is Canada and we are not so impressed by hairy abs and shiny teeth, this man must have been expecting a certain degree of anonymity.
Anonymity was not to be found. My brother's drunken friend approached this star and tried to strike up a conversation. To no avail. When he persisted in speaking to this god-who-walks-among-us he was told to 'FO'. Shaking his head in disbelief he was again told to FO!
We are talking about a barely legal drunken male here. He thought this was the funniest thing he had ever heard. Turning to the rest of the bar he shouted: "David Hasselhoff just told me to FO!" The young man was escorted out amidst jeers and laughter directed at our celebrity who perhaps was able to finsh his drink in the humiliated silence (or 'privacy') he has surely grown accustomed to in North America.
Ever since then FO has been a shorthand joke in our circle - and one that has nothing to do with knitting.
At any rate here is a picture of the shawl I made for a night at the Symphony. It has very long tassels and is quite warm. My little dog is snuggly too! Wait 'til I make her model some of her sweaters. What a sight!
Tomorrow I will try to display more FO's - something appears to be wrong with my Image Device and I am far too tired to fix it.


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Sunday, March 19, 2006

Mukluks Progress

I have finally re-dedicated myself to my abandoned projects.
After months of beating my head against a wall at work I have decided to spend more time on myself and on the things that make me happy. As selfish as that sounds there is really very little that I ever do that is for myself.
So I have relaunched myself into my gym, started reading a great book (Persuasion: My favourite Jane Austen novel!) and my knitting.
I vow to post here a little more regularly as well.

For now here are my Mukluks as of Grey's Anatomy tonight (I like to multi-task and get some quality television viewing in while I knit)

They look huge right now but if the felting process works as described they will be a fitted Size 8.

PS. I'm really not as bored as I look!


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Saturday, March 18, 2006


Oops - haven't posted here in a long, long time.
Also haven't knit in a long, long time.
Well tonight I will remedy both.
I am going to work on my mukluks come hell or high water.
Post results later!

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