Sunday, August 27, 2006


Now that I am slowly coming to terms with the end of summer I have begun working on Sizzle in earnest.

It is coming along quite quickly too. I am already half way through the dart decreases for the back.

Isn't the yarn lovely and shimmery? This is the yarn I won while Warming Grace. It is just delicious to work with - a lovely Pima Cotton & Silk blend. It is quite slippery on my metal circs though.

Everytime I bring it out Kira sniffs it eagerly ( I've smelled it too, but I didn't notice anything). My mother couldn't stop touching it this morning - it really does feel good and I think that it should drape nicely too. I am enjoying the simplicity of this knit, let me tell you. The other projects I have been working on were non-stop learning experiences and this is a welcome change.

Naturally I made a mistake already. I was to knit 1.5" in seed stitch and I measured carefully all the way along - I thought. It was only later that I realized I had knit 1 1/4" - yuh. Wrong big line on the tape measure! That can happen when you are knitting and talking on the phone while watching tv.

In other news - I bravely ventured forth into my garden this morning only to discover... another dead rat. Honestly. Thoroughly disgusting. Lucky for me my mother's dear friend came over and he fixed the ivy trellis - beneath which one of our cats has been depositing dead rats.
There was no chance I was going to get to that anytime soon.

We live near a river and a creek but rats have not been a problem before. Not for us anyways. And I haven't even been feeding the birds. Could they like plums? My mom thinks the cats are bringing them back from far away. I am not so sure.

ALSO - through a major A-HA! moment today I discovered what was making the clicking-type noise near our sliding door/ceiling for the last month. No, Mom, I told you it was not the clock! Wasps. Hordes of them are making their way under a piece of siding just above our sliding door. So a call will be made to pest control first thing tomorrow.

I am so excited! I finally figured out how to move pictures in posts! (key angelic chorus) Oh the options!

Posted by Miss Scarlett @ 11:41 PM

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Your sizzle is coming along very quickly and the lavender is so pretty! I can imagine how soft the pima cotton yarn is! Talk about knitting mistakes, ohhh, I had a bout with making mistakes about three times on other things just before finally succeeding on the project I am now working on. I just needed to do other things, take a break and switch to knitting something else. It worked! Your sizzle is going to be so pretty once it's finished~

Posted by Blogger KnitPastis @ 5:49 AM #

Hey, lady, love the lavender sizzle - can't wait to see the finished product - maybe modeled by you, so we can get the face to go with the (pseudo)name? I don't have your email, but am in need of help with the garterlac dishcloth - stuck at the same place you were and cannot get it, even with the tutorial! Words of wisdom??

Posted by Blogger deirdre @ 5:48 AM #

Eww Grrrrrrllll.... the rats? Plums? Rats are like goats - they'll eat anything - especially if it's food.

I've had rats in two different houses I've lived in before and they will seriously eat every scrap of food that they can get to. Especially fruit but also bread, potatoes, anything.

Posted by Blogger Laura @ 10:27 AM #
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