Monday, August 14, 2006


SS Socky III is half done!
That is to say....
I have made my first ever sock!

Many, many times I thought it would never end.
I am nearly in disbelief.
Now the thing is to begin again.
Perhaps knitting the sock the proper way...

No I don't think so.
I am going to knit the 2nd sock and then go back and fix the 1st.
You can see by the pics that it has a somewhat bulbous shape near the ankle.
Umm, uh-yeah. Apparently I am not quite as good at reading recipes as I thought I was.
I totally neglected to follow decreases with a plain knitting round.
So all of my decreases happened one after the other.
Which creates a lumpy stump of a sock. Such as the one pictured above.

Nonetheless I am quite pleased by my very first sock.
So much so that I might just go straight to bed and NOT finish watching the 3rd Matrix.
It took 2 Matrix's and 40 minutes of the 3rd to finsh SS Socky III.
How long til he has a mate?
You could ask the Oracle - if she wasn't deleted.

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