Saturday, August 26, 2006

Summer is winding down.

And so am I! Yes. We are on the homestretch for Back To School. I think it is time - I think the kids do too. We are starting to drive each other mad.
In other news...I got a surprising amount of gardening done today. Planted a large number of perennials at work - including a new row of pink heather along a pathway.
Ugh - which reminds me of a horrifying incident since my last post, that has left me unable to enter my own garden yet. Let's just say it involved a pair of flip flops, a dead rat and Oscar-worthy screaming.

I finally, yes FINALLY sent off my last SP8 & OS Pal exchange packages. I know. Procrastinate much? I also sent off a little surprise to someone who shall remain nameless for the time being.

While watching a movie that "ain't no bank robbery!" I made a KTC project for Lolita. Cast on and cast off in the same day. Will wonders never cease? I guess that is what can happen if you are not using 2 mm dpns.

It has become much cooler at night and (yep - back to the title of the post! try and keep up with me now) it is getting dark by 9 PM. I can barely wait for the leaves to start changing and then for frost! I love Fall. It makes me want to read, read, read. Oh. And knit. I have noticed lately that my favourite things involve me 1) Being at home & 2) Sitting.


Posted by Miss Scarlett @ 12:17 AM

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Okay, the dead rat thing has me completely freaked out - my older son has two baby rats for pets - we've already had one - but dead? In the garden??? In FLIP-FLOPS??!!!
In other news, I read Confederacy of Dunces last year and also laughed out loud, and I find myself getting into more and more trouble as I poke through your blog - the washcloth bug is biting after many years, and it's all your fault - really, the similarities between us are kind of amazing!

I do believe I've got you, haven't I????

Posted by Blogger deirdre @ 5:53 AM #

Not bad, huh? I found you as Shugahface on another KAL - I think it was Sock Wars? - and followed it along for awhile till I got to your page - I actually felt guilty, and didn't want to look first, but now am so glad I did!

You've got me looking at the washcloths now - I love the pattern of the one in your pic - Garterlac? I found some stripey cotton in my stash and will be giving that a shot - so thank you!

I'm also setting up the Library list, which is so totally cool - learning all sorts of new things, thanks to you!


Posted by Blogger deirdre @ 1:29 PM #

me again - I had so much fun with the exchange, and was not happy to see it end, but I am actually having more fun right now, now that I know who you are - way cool!, for further communication...

Posted by Blogger deirdre @ 4:25 AM #

I have had a similar experience with a big locust...ugh. Can't believe summer is almost over, I love this season so I'm so sad to see it go. But, the fall does allow for more wearing of hand knits!

Posted by Blogger Starfish @ 3:46 PM #
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