Thursday, March 23, 2006


Ok. I admit it. I am an online gossip reader. Sometimes I know more details about complete strangers than I do my own family.
But tonight I read that Jennifer Aniston does not like reality tv. She doesn't want anymore shows like Knitting with the Stars - thinks they are sh*t.
Well. I would LOVE to see that show. I don't watch Stars on Ice or Dancing with Once Upon a Time Stars. BUT if there was a Knitting with the Stars I wouldn't miss an episode. If only to check out what kinds of ridiculously overpriced wool they would have or if they make the maid wind their hanks into balls or if their adopted children are up to their elbows in bathtubs of lightly tinted water so they can have hand-dyed one of a kind wools. Or if they are too busy - and we all know stars are very busy, very important people - would they hire a personal knitter? Would the personal knitter get screen time? or just be an unrecognizable name in the credits? Could you even begin to imagine the stash an A-list celeb might have? The house in the Hamptons, the Island in the Caribbean, the cottage in Vermont. What kind of needles would they be using - bone? porcelain? some sort of extinct wood? hand blown glass? And whose patterns would they deign to use? Lagerfeld? Gabbana? Mizrahi? hisssss
Now this is a show people!
This is ratings GOLD.
Once again Aniston, completely out of touch. Now move over, I think that is Brangelina...

Posted by Miss Scarlett @ 10:31 PM


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