Wednesday, March 07, 2007


I received the nicest surprise in the mail today!

What the? I haven't ordered anything for myself...Burlington? Isn't that where...?The lady I was assigned to spoil in SP8

sent me this fabulous calendar full of dishcloth and towel patterns with a much coveted ball of Peaches & Cream yarn. The 'much coveted' may sound funny to some but I haven't found it here on the Mainland of the West Coast -- maybe when I am in Victoria to see the YarnHarlot!!!!! but I digress

D and I have really become friends and that is the best part of this exchange program! Check out her blog if you haven't been there before - she has the most beautiful family and some adorable doggies. Thank you D!! And what is this? Her boy is knitting?! This is the 2nd post - sounds like a convert to me!

Back to the YarnHarlot...yes sirree, she is coming to the West Coast of Canada. To Victoria in fact! Beautiful town and just so happens to be where my brother and his fabulous girlfriend live. I am so excited - this is how I used to feel when I knew Bono was coming to town (well minus the overpowering physical attraction - no offense YH!) - and Stephanie, that is saying something!

A word to the wise - if you are planning to go you have to sign up for tickets - the admission is free but you need a ticket to get in. If you need more information head here - and it is actually a Fibre Festival! I am dying to get in on one of those spinning lessons - but I am scared too. Every blogger I've read buys a wheel after learning to spin, and this house really doesn't have much more room...

Here is my Uniscarfity in all it's lack of impressive progress - since I am now officially out of the running I can finish at my leisure.

Yep - we had a stunningly nice afternoon here after a rainy morning - ah, but the rain is so good for the garden!
One more sign of Spring - some sort of bee was buzzing about while I was taking pictures! Yes!!

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Posted by Miss Scarlett @ 4:03 PM

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Yay for surprises! Knitbloggers are the best!

Posted by Anonymous tiennie @ 6:59 PM #

I am jealous that you get to see the Harlot. I don't think she is coming to Virginia. Nicky Epstein came here once but I didn't meet her. My friend met Lily Chin and took a class with her.

Posted by Blogger yarnmaniac @ 7:07 PM #

The first bee of the year - great! I noticed some more flies around these days, a sure sign here that spring is just around the corner, but no bees yet! But well, I'm pretty scared of bees, so it might be better that they're not around yet!
Your scarf is coming along very beautifully, and hey, what a great package you received! And yay for getting to see the Harlot - have fun!

Posted by Anonymous Dipsy @ 11:01 PM #

What a nice surprise!!

Your package from me is going out today... ;o)

Posted by Anonymous JessaLu @ 9:35 AM #

Packages are so much fun to get! You are going to have a whole lot of fun knitting up a washcloth in this pretty color.
Wow, really great job on knitting this scarf too!

Posted by Blogger KnitPastis @ 5:18 PM #
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