Friday, March 23, 2007

May I Present...

The Oregon Felted Tote

Pre-felting - for an idea of the size. Look at that bit of wool - that is all that was left after making the 2nd tie!

Drying in the sun (temporarily behind a cloud)

Dried and ties woven in.

I plan on learning needle felting to embellish this bag. Maybe some embroidery and beading as well. It is lacking something.

This is my 1st true felting project. It is such a remarkable thing. To have this huge, floppy bit of knitting become this sturdy, yet malleable, fabric. I would totally do it again. In fact I am making my cousin some felted bowls with the leftover yarn - using a pattern from One Skein. I plan on filling one of them with some of those delectable Mini Eggs...Mmmmmm. I also have a lovely hat pattern I just might try one day soon.

I leave you with a few other pics from our walk last night. Spring-y!!

When these flowers open the Hummingbirds will be here!! That is less than a week away. Glorious Spring!
This is how my baby looks after the rain - she curls up like mad. Doesn't that wool look like it could be spun into something lovely?

You should see her when we get back from our walks. She runs around the house like a crazy thing, with her rear end tucked in, skittering all over the hardwood. It is a total riot. Though I do tend to be easily amused!

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Posted by Miss Scarlett @ 7:33 PM

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That is a great tote!!

Posted by Anonymous Anonymous @ 10:23 PM #

I love your tote Ms. S! Felting is pretty cool and I think you are right on about the embellishing with some needle felting - it will give it a fabu finish.

Posted by Blogger Unknown @ 8:51 AM #

I love felting..I call it "grown up shrinkie dinks".
The up close shot of the dog hair is adorable,,it looks like boucle!
And the flower pics..beautiful!

Posted by Blogger Melanie @ 12:12 PM #

Oh my you could get some nice yarn out of that doggie....I heard there was a lady who does spin dog hair into yarn, I was saving my Border Collies undercoat for a while but I threw it our when we moved last year. Nice tote, looks like a good yarn holder.

Posted by Blogger KeanaLee @ 3:05 PM #

Great bag! Yeah, felting rocks. So fun. Love that doggie fur...

Posted by Blogger yarnmaniac @ 8:29 PM #

Lovely pics, great dog hair too, have you ever been tempted to dye it?
Like the tote, a gorgeous colour blue.

Posted by Blogger Ang @ 12:16 AM #

i definitely love the tote, and i'm not usually partial to felted totes. (they never seem like they'll hold much!) but this is a great one.

Posted by Blogger carrie @ 6:57 PM #

Great bag!

Posted by Anonymous Anonymous @ 9:24 PM #

Love the felt bag! I have made a couple of felted things and I always laugh at how huge they are before felting - my mittens looked like giant oven gloves before they were felted! I agree - some needle felting or beading would look good!

Posted by Blogger Di @ 12:25 AM #

OH I had a pang of loneliness looking at your baby's hair- My Boufie (the little guy we had to put down in the fall) had that same haor, and he would run around, when wet, in that exact same way,with his bum tucked under and his hind legs almost touching his ears! He wa a good little schnoodle.
Your bag is great, by the way. I felted a knitting bag for myself years ago- and it has worn very well. I knit a mosaic (slip stitch) pocket for it-I should have made a flap to button the pocket down to make it more functional.

Posted by Blogger Deb @ 4:42 AM #

If there ever was a perfect tote, then it's certainly this one - I absolutely love it! And those great spring photos - isn't it amazing how quickly everything springs into bloom after just a couple of warm days? And woah, your lil' furry ones' curls are fascinating - a great many women would envy her for that ;)

Posted by Anonymous Anonymous @ 8:26 AM #

Love the tote. Such a pretty colour.

Love Kira's fur shot it looks like it would be a very silky yarn.

Pretty spring pics too. I can't wait for some of that up this way.

Posted by Blogger Dorothy @ 10:41 AM #
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