Monday, March 05, 2007

Dribs and Drabs

This is a pic that didn't make it into yesterday's post. But I really like it.

This post is going to contain a little of everything - 'signifying nothing'.

1st let me just say what a difficult time I am having with this tragic news-story. When I first saw her missing person's report on Nancy Grace I already knew how this was going to end - that it already had ended. Who didn't know the outcome before we heard the entire report?

It infuriates and sickens me that women are brutally slain by the people they should most be able to trust. There is nothing wrong with divorce. WALK AWAY. Her children were upstairs for goodness sake. It is just dreadful because there is never any punishment that can recover what has been lost. Despicable. Cowardly. Selfish. There isn't even anything more I can say.

Sorry - usually I don't post about things that upset me. But this, this is a big one.


I am out of the running in the KnitOff. What a relief. I was not making quick progress with this scarf at all. I do think, however, that it will be perfect for my cousin Richard. Just his colours. Here is Kira letting me know how she feels about me spending another afternoon with needles in hand! Edited to preserve her dignity!

I watched the Queen yesterday. I really enjoyed it. Initially I had no interest, but so many people I trust loved it, and Helen Mirren did win an Academy Award...I quite liked it. It is so hard to believe it has nearly been 10 yrs since Diana's death. So sad. I distinctly recall all the negative press directed at the Royal Family. I too thought the Queen should have spoken up sooner, but I really felt for her in this movie. She reminded me of my Nana a little - same generation. I loved her line to Tony Blair about the press turning on him one day. If she really said that, how right she was.

I ordered some soap from here. Go check out the shop - all of the soaps sound delightful. And she is thinking of adding bath salts and teas - if you haven't tried a bath tea, you really must. They are heavenly.

A pic of my loony cousin playing around with my camera....shhhh. She doesn't know about this blog! She hates pictures of herself. I love them.

My Mom and I watched Lifeboat. A Hitchcock Oscar winner. It was so good. Riveting from the outset. I highly recommend it. I grew up on the Hollywood greats and I was sure I would be one of those tough talking ladies who could put everyone in their place, down two fingers of scotch and then apply their lipstick just so. We've come a long way baby! ;-D

I also
read a book. I didn't love the book, in fact I had some real problems with some major parts of the storyline, but I did read it in a day and a half. I cannot recall the last time I read a book so voraciously. Apparently I needed the distraction! I have a major craving for Cinammon Rolls too...they are mentioned perhaps more often than vampires in this book. Please do not take offense if you are a fan (I know there are a lot of you) but this book really reminded me of This Book - which was a very painful read for me.

Perhaps it has become clear why I was not a real contender in the Knit Off? It was fun and I will definitely check out the patterns for the next few rounds. Thanks

Spring continues to make itself known. On Thursday I saw Robins! Lots of Robins. In the morning the birds are chirping before my alarm clock goes off and...nestled next to our living room window in a sheltered spot we have this:

Flowering Plum! Check out those leaves!!! Let the gardening begin!

Just realized that yesterday was my 200th post! How cool is that? Soon I will be announcing a contest for the 500th comment...stay tuned.

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Posted by Miss Scarlett @ 10:39 PM

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Lately it seems to me that these horrible tragedies in families are really taking over - not a day passes when there isn't anything like that in the news. And it sickens me deeply too, it makes me cry more often than not. One thing there is to add though - I absolutely agree with you about the divorce thing, nowadays it shouldn't be much of a problem for a woman to just grab her kids and leave. But: In Germany there's been quite some tragedies lately that happened to women that were already divorced - men obviously not coming to terms with that fact and shooting-stabbing-downright killing their wives (and often enough the children too) after the divorce. Obviously women just can't be safe anymore in any way, and obviously more and more men think if they can't have a woman, no one else should have them. It makes me puke, literally.
Onto a happier topic - your lil' furry one is just the cutest! I *so* love that pic, it seems her whole being just screams for a belly rub, no? ;) Adorable!

Posted by Anonymous Anonymous @ 12:11 AM #

Isn't it awful that we can say not a day passes?
I actually meant that for the husband. He doesn't like her working, he has a girlfriend - then leave. Go. How stupid and selfish are these men (like Peterson)?? You are going to be in jail. You will be caught. Why not just walk away? Get yourself a life and leave your wife alone. Why these men feel entitled to literally take their wives lives...I could go on and on.
It just makes me ill. It makes me ill when I go to work and I care for young girls - thinking look what we are entrusting to this world, when are we going to learn?
You are right - Kira is dying for a belly rub - they are her favourite. In fact she had just had one right before the pic was taken. She just kept pushing into me asking for another!

Posted by Blogger Miss Scarlett @ 4:48 AM #

That is a very disturbing story. A lot of women are scared because men threaten them. One client of mine said, "I finally realized if he was willing to kill me either way, then I was going to leave."

Posted by Blogger yarnmaniac @ 12:41 PM #

that is so terrible -- your right though you think this guys would learn from other men YOU WILL GET CAUGHT it's just not worth it. You know what make me ill about people like Scott Peterson, there are woman who swoon over him & send him letters in jail & want to marry him. That to me is just beyond nuts, who are these women?

Posted by Blogger KeanaLee @ 5:28 AM #

Your dog has the cutest personality! Rub that tummy momma:)
Nice to see you knitting.
Those are some great glasses she has on, very cool.

Posted by Blogger KnitPastis @ 5:21 PM #
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