Monday, March 12, 2007


Still no luck getting a picture for you.
Who knew getting a photo of a child in a handknit would prove as elusive as Big Foot or his ilk? Certainly not me. I had this idea that you would just say, Here put this on and I will take your picture, and all would fall into place.
You would think I would know better, having worked with young children for over 10 yrs. Apparently, despite all evidence to the contary: I am an Optimist!

Model clothes? Nope. "I'm goin' fishin'."

I then thought "Oh, I can be clever-er than that. I'll turn it into a game." And let the subject use the camera...

We got pictures of "sharks & whales 'tackin us" (we're on the boat - didn't you used to play that? I know I did)



"Ahh. Let the sibling use the camera..."

Nope. You can see, if you squint just right, Darling on the couch behind us.

The best shot all night was this Self Portrait.

Not to worry. Her Grandma is on the case. She has some serious powers of persuasion. We'll get a picture.

It is kind of fun to see from another perspective here. There were a lot of delted pics - mostly of Kira. A pretty popular subject for more than just me! She eats it up. But let me tell you, she is sleeping hard after this visit!

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Posted by Miss Scarlett @ 9:00 PM

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If only we could pin them down sometimes!

Posted by Anonymous Anonymous @ 12:14 AM #

LOL ;) I love these pics - especially the self portrait!

Posted by Anonymous Anonymous @ 1:11 AM #

Mine will do pictures if they can be in charge. Like, "Okay mommy, I'm going to stand here, and make sure my teddy bear is in the picture. Okay, now i'm done..."

Posted by Blogger Samantha @ 9:05 AM #

I love the last shot!

Posted by Blogger Ang @ 11:06 AM #

Great pictures! It sounds like it was a fun time. Mine will still try stuff on for me, but soon enough, I'll be the one pleading for just one quick picture, please?

Great Self-portrait.

Posted by Blogger Dorothy @ 12:47 PM #

What fabulous pictures! And the embroidery on Darling? - just beautiful!

I cannot get over how much Kira and Maggie look alike, particularly while on squirrel patrol -

Posted by Blogger deirdre @ 5:51 AM #

Sweet face, anyway! :0)

Posted by Blogger Charity @ 9:19 AM #

Hi! Thanks for the comment you left on the books in my blog recently, sorry it took me a few days to notice it! Yes I made the small notebooks, and I'm planning to make some more someday soon and take step-by-step pictures of the process. Don't know when though... BTW, you were the first person to leave a comment in English in my blog. :) The text is only in Finnish for the time being.

Posted by Blogger Maarit @ 12:32 PM #

Look at the eyes on that girl, look out! She is going to break hearts!

Posted by Blogger KeanaLee @ 2:46 PM #

Okay, so you didn't get a picture of the handknit, but you still got a great post out of it!

Posted by Blogger JulieFrick @ 8:00 AM #

Dear Kira, This is Big Bear. The weather smells like spring, and there is a big fat robin in the bittersweet. How about we get together and go sniff and roll around? It is great fun. I get muddy sometimes, and my mommy says "Oh Bear" but I still do it. I just can't help myself. If you come, we can get my girl to play ball and run. Is it spring at your house yet?
Slurp slurp,

Posted by Blogger Deb @ 12:38 PM #

Oh, yes, these girls have other things to do. Notice the lack of pictures of Amelia posing in her mommy-made garments.

Love Sense and Sensibility and Room with a View-- two of my favorite movies!

Posted by Blogger yarnmaniac @ 3:23 PM #

Hehehehe, this was too funny trying to get someone to try on handknits.LOL I have to give you alot of credit for trying. Don't you love how they start acting silly. It looks like even Kira had a great time.
10 yrs in childcare, that's awesome girl!

Posted by Blogger KnitPastis @ 7:20 PM #
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