Sunday, March 11, 2007

Another one bites the dust

Just when I was about to give up myself...another UFO is completed. Phew.

Behold: Sweet Mary Janes
They are so comfy cozy too. They will be my new work slippers since my Gorillas tore open on the bottom. :-(
These are a little more dignified anyways.

I had to take a sanity break from Uniscarfity. Trust me. I started a little gifty. It will be a baby toy for a fellow blogger who wished her children had more handmade toys. I found this lovely hemp and cotton blend in that soft green I knew what needed to be done. Keep watching for more details.

But what is everyone looking at?


Can you see my Muldy up in the right hand corner? That is her newest perch. She looks so snuggly doesn't she?

Kira was so good. She didn't bark or growl once. Her heart sure was racing. But our little friend was able to eat his peanuts and carry some away.

And to finish: Overheard at Work

4yr old to 3 yr old: "I want to share, but I want to go 1st."
3 yr old: In a tired voice "That's most obvious."

3 yr old girl watching the goldfish eat from the bottom of the tank. "Look him's bouncing on him's lips!"

6 yr old after school. "And, and that 5 yr old bully? He got detention. And his teacher told him that he had to do homework. High School Homework. And his parents can't even help him. And it's Math."
Oh yes - the force of imagination is strong with that one!

5 yr old to Teacher. "My teacher told me about these little men who like to trick people. They lie to them."
Teacher. "Yes. I've met men like that."
(Kinder class is learning about Leprachauns.)

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Posted by Miss Scarlett @ 9:58 PM

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I totally love your slippers - they look perfectly comfy and cozy and warm, how great!
Oh, and that pic of you and Kira looking at the squirrel is so sweet - Kiras face on the other pic is just priceless! What a little cutie she is, and soooo curious ;)

Posted by Anonymous Dipsy @ 1:06 AM #

This is from Bear- Dear Kira- Please come and see the gi-normous squirrels we have at my house. They come right up on the deck and Mommy says that squirrels are not good eating. So I just looks at them. But company would be nice. We can even talk about them behind their backs!!!!!
aka Big Giant PoodleHead

Posted by Blogger Deb @ 7:22 AM #

I have 2 squirrels that hang around - I call them Friendship & Bob. They are always her because I feen than peanuts. Cute slippers!

Posted by Blogger KeanaLee @ 7:51 AM #

Cute Slippers!!

I have a squirrel who likes to run back and forth across my fence and set off my motion sensor - the one that tells me someone has pulled into the driveway. The dog then starts barking and I have to let her out to prove to her that there's no one out times ;o)

Posted by Anonymous JessaLu @ 10:49 AM #

Great slippers! They look really warm.

Kira looks like she really wants to be out there sniffing that squirrel to bits.

Love the poor teacher's reply! Lol.

Posted by Anonymous Dorothy @ 10:55 AM #

I love the slippers and Kira is so cute. But, the quotes! Love them.

Posted by Blogger yarnmaniac @ 11:36 AM #
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