Saturday, February 10, 2007


One doesn't generally think of a slouch as a good thing. But when it is a jaunty cap, it is a very good thing indeed. Here is my 1st PS2 project.

Pattern: Le Slouch, by Wendy Bernard
Yarn: Lang Tosca -- about 1 1/4 balls

I really enjoyed this simple pattern and I plan to make another in a neutral, solid colour soon. The best part of this for me was that for the first time ever I used my gauge to adjust the pattern and it WORKED. How long have I been knitting again? Never mind.
Very hard to get a photo I liked - mostly because it was moments from GA and I did not want to be bothered doing my hair or putting on makeup - result: I looked sheer exhausted. Not something you want to post online is an understatement.

I finished this hat at work, while the children played tag. Not something I do often but it did lead to this the following afternoon:

"Can I yarn something - I know how to knit." 5 yr old boy who demonstrated his ability to knit by intertwining his fingers and twiddling them quickly while moving his elbows up and down [not my knitting style in case you are wondering - he might just know another knitter].
I then spent an hour 'teaching' 3 5 yr old boys to knit.

It was too fun. They were so excited. 2 of them worked really hard at it too - their attention span was much lengthier than I expected. I plan on bringing in some needles to keep on site - we had one pair and lots of wool.

Here is an excerpt of some of the conversation:
"I'm going to make this into a sweater for my Mom." boy A
"I'm going to make my baby a shirt" boy B whose Mom is pregnant
"What about pants?" asked boy C
"Oh I'll make pants next time" boy B
"I chose Army. I am going to make a Army sweater for my kitten." boy D who had olive green and cream yarn
"I'll be done my baby shirt in about an hour" boy B "Then I guess I should make pants, but what about a sweater too?"

With one pair of needles the plan was to knit 4 sweaters, a pair of pants, a shirt and a blanket before we went outside - about 40 minutes altogether.
Boy C worked about 3 rows and then looked up to ask "When is it going to turn into a sweater?" I was torn between being honest and keeping the experience enjoyable.

Clearly this is something we are going to have to do more of. These are some hyperactive guys who stayed with it for 40 minutes - some sitting on chairs and watching their friends knit. I am sure knitting is good for all sorts of brain development. Could I be any happier to add this component to our day? I just hope none of them get hassled by their Fathers. It happens with dolls and dress up clothes - as if they are never going to be fathers themselves!

Last Sunday was my cousin's 1st Anniversary. Her Mom had an appy night to celebrate. Somehow I failed to take a picture of the happy couple...whenever there are children/babies you will be upstaged!

Here are the girls getting ready for some 'Su-see beans' [edamame].

I am amazed at how universal this is: Young children will put anything in their mouths -- except edamame - they always need an adult to squeeze the beans out for them. Why is that?

Here is Kai-Kai looking desperate to escape another set of arms. I took some video of him trying to walk but I didn't know that you cannot edit video with our HP program and I was holding the camera sideways. So, the picture is sideways. Not the best for ease of viewing.

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Posted by Miss Scarlett @ 9:23 PM

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Oh, I love that the little boy was going to make an Army sweater for his kitten! So cute.

Posted by Blogger yarnmaniac @ 4:18 PM #

Oh, this sounds like so much fun, I enjoyed the pics big time - and the Army sweater for the kitten really cracked me up! ;)
And wow, your cap turned out absolutely fantastic - it seems to have the perfect fit and you look great with it!

Posted by Anonymous Dipsy @ 10:28 PM #

You know something, sometimes I check my gauge and sometimes I don't:) I think you did a lovely job knitting your hat and it fits perfectly!

Posted by Blogger KnitPastis @ 11:32 AM #
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