Sunday, January 14, 2007

Television Knitting

It is another crisp, clear day here on the West Coast. Took Kira for a run at the track. We also played a bit of fetch with a humongous stick of her choice.

Her version of fetch is to bring the stick 2-3 ft away from me and flop down to chew it for a few minutes. If I don't go retrieve the stick from her soon enough she loses interest. Fetch generally lasts 3-4 tosses with this one! She has the same attention span I bring to my knitting projects!

But tonight, tonight will be different. I plan to get a lot of knitting done.
24 begins with a 2hr premiere - as much as I mock it, and as often as I complete the lines before the actors - it can be good. There is something comforting about that ticking clock - but I do wish all the Palmers were dead! I'll give it a chance. Though I do hate when television shows dominate more than one evening in a row - seriously, 2 2hr premieres in 2 days?! FOX - could you be feeling a little desperate?

Then the 2nd Season of ROME premieres tonight!! This series is incredible, I can hardly wait to see Pullo and Lucius again. It is an odd experience seeing history as drama - knowing the ultimate end of the main players does detract on some level. This was the 1st time I ever felt truly badly for Caesar as he was murdered in the Senate - {boy was I glad they did not script in "Et tu Brute?". I even felt a little badly for Brutus - his mother is a hag!} His death was unexpectedly moving. Possibly influenced for my feelings for Ciaran Hinds as an actor? No, couldn't be. :-P

And then - the old standby - Desperate Housewives. So here we have it - a minimum of 4 hrs of knitting time today. Thank goodness I joined Runagogo - who knows what all this knitting and viewing could do to me otherwise!


Posted by Miss Scarlett @ 12:46 PM

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OOOH--I LOVE Ciaran Hinds, too!!!

Posted by Blogger stitchnsnitch @ 7:33 PM #

I haven't gotten into 24 - and now that they're in their like 32nd season I'm not likely to catch up ;o)

We've kinda given up on the housewives...they started getting on my nerves, hehehe

I hope you got a lot of knitting done!

Posted by Anonymous JessaLu @ 7:23 PM #

Awww, sweet little Kira! I so love these photos - and LOL about her attention span ;)
Now, you've sure got some serious TV-watching (and knitting!) coming up to you, yay for that! I've never gotten into 24 so far - I tried my best, but failed ;) Here, they'll be doing the re-runs of all the older episodes before the new ones will come over, so perhaps I'll be able to catch up?
Happy knitting!

Posted by Anonymous Dipsy D. @ 11:26 PM #

I've played Fetch with many dogs in my time, and I think they all do that. They get the stick, then they chew on it. My main weakness is that I'm never brave enough to get the stick out of their mouthes, because I'm always scared of being bitten. I love dogs, and I've never been bitten by one, but this is a constant fear.

Posted by Blogger Leah @ 2:34 PM #

Kira plays fetch like Apollo does. She's a cutie.

I don't watch 24. I tried watching one episode, but the time lines were so wonky and there was just too much Hollywood weirdness that I couldn't get my skeptical brain around. The Mr. likes it though. He says if he wanted reality he would watch a documentary.

Posted by Anonymous Anonymous @ 12:23 PM #

Kira is so cute the way she plays fetch! I never get tired of seeing photos of her!! What a great dog.

Posted by Blogger KnitPastis @ 1:53 PM #

Kira is so cute the way she plays fetch! I never get tired of seeing photos of her!! What a great dog.

Posted by Blogger KnitPastis @ 1:54 PM #
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