Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Talk about new!

I cannot tell you how very excited I was this evening. My knitterly heart was seriously pounding. For the more experienced knitter - and for the Muggles (as per the Yarnharlot's perfect descriptor) reading here, this will not be of great interest.
However, I learned....wait for it...the Mattress Stitch tonight!

It is stupidly easy and works like a voodoo charm. I mean, can you spot the seam?

That's a macro shot baby!

I shudder to recall the haphazard no-rules approach I took to seams before tonight. Debbie Stoller! What would I do without you? Honestly, Stitch 'N Bitch is like a Bible for me. The explanations are so clear - the language so casual it is immediately obvious what you should do. I also find that you glean from it what you can take in at the time, and later readings, with more experience under your belt reveal more complex ideas.

Granted, the Mattress Stitch is not complex, but it was new to me and I no longer fear making a mistake. I have frogged enough now that taking those loops off the needles doesn't drain the blood from my upper body. Previously when I had looked at trying some seaming I panicked at the description and handed the project off to my Mom for finishing.

This is probably the long way to go about letting you know that I have very nearly finished Sizzle. From 5:30 pm to 11 pm I finished the knitting, the seaming and the blocking. This is also the 1st time I have ever blocked something. Wish me luck - 'cause that baby was loose on me!

After the blocking I will see if there are any further adjustments that need to be made for a better fit. Boy I hope not! Then I just have to do the Seed Stitch borders on the underarms and the neckline and voila: an FO.

This is how exciting the evening was for Not Me.

This is what Blocking Sizzle would look like if you were a Mermaid from The 'Bove.

This is what you would look like if you were a Mermaid floating in our dining room. (don't ask - there is no explanation)

Here is the 2nd baby blanket my Mom has made over the holidays.

Hee hee! You know this means 2 things:

1) Already making measurable progress on my Stashalong promise!
2) I get to do something elllllllse now!
( at least until the blocking is finished)

Whoa. Almost forgot to tell you: I found the most delicious tea today. Pomegranate Green Tea. We already had 2 pots of this nectar. You should really try it.


Posted by Miss Scarlett @ 11:30 PM

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This is definitely an achievement, I'm serious here - especially seeing how very neatly you did your mattress stitch! I've only learned it last year, before that I always brought my finished sweaters and stuff to my Mom to have it sewn together - lazy me, I know. Then I learned it, and though I quickly understood how it worked, I still struggle immensly with it to make it as neat as it should be. My problem is my way too loose edge stitches - no matter how hard I try with the mattress stitch, due to those loose edges I hardly ever get it sewn together really neatly. Your first attempt is fantastic, yay for that!

Posted by Anonymous Dipsy D. @ 1:06 AM #

v cool! Congrats on learning a new finishing technique - it looks really good :o)

Posted by Anonymous JessaLu @ 8:16 AM #

A friend just served me the Pomegranate Green Tea at New Years! Wonderful. :0)

I love the Mattress stitch! It makes even my sewing skills look so professional!

Posted by Blogger Charity @ 8:45 AM #

I can't see your seam. Congratulations on doing such a great job with your Mattress Stitch.

I can't wait to see your Sizzle. If it doesn't fit properly, just wear it over a nice blouse.

I'll have to see if I can find some of that Pomegranate Green Tea here and give it a try.

Posted by Blogger Dorothy @ 8:35 PM #

Dipsy D - just sew a row or two farther in - that is what I did and lo and behold: It was still too loose! So I don't think you lose too much fabric that way.
Sizzle is still damp so - maybe I will get to try it on tomorrow.

Posted by Blogger Miss Scarlett @ 10:18 PM #
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