Monday, January 01, 2007

I promise...

I don't really understand the need for resolutions on the 1st of the year - it is not something I have really ever done. Mostly I find that when I make a resolution I feel nearly compelled to NOT live up to it. What is that about?

The conveniency (is that a word?) factor is there for me though. I mean Stashalong is beginning again and I certainly need an outside curb for my wayward yarn purchasing ways. I have been shopping up a storm online in the last few months. My purchases far overtake my knitting progress and something has got to give. I mean, I need to be a little more rational about my spending habits. Seriously.

So...I have joined Stashalong again. Since I have so many projects on the go, waiting, or wishing (I have an entire shelf of knitting books - nevermind online patterns held in queue) to begin I thought I would take Option #3.

"Choice 3: The WIP/UFO Numbers Game

This one will really put you to the "get it done" test. Here's how it works:**choose how many WIP/UFOs you want to finish in an increment of 5(5, 10, 15, 20, etc.)--your minimum choice for this is 5.

**You can list specific projects if you like OR if you are like most of us you can leave a couple slots open for the "screaming stash" projects. (Example: You choose to finish 5 things. You have a sweater, a hat, a scarf on the needles, BUT while working on those you get bored so you "stash dive" and you find you have a enough stash for another sweater and a pair of socks--those are your "screaming stash" projects and they round out your required minimum for this choice. Does that make sense?)"

So here goes:

1) Sizzle - so close to finished it almost doesn't count

2) Anemoi Mitts

3) Baby Blanket

4) Shae's Darling coat

5) My stinkin' Noro hat already

6) Severus Snape Socks

7) Mary Janes - I have had the yarn since when? Oh. August/September

8) Absorba the Great (if only I can find it)

9) The felted Oregon Tote that kickstarted my knitting frenzy 4 (I think) years ago

10) The project that started the Blog: The Ravenclaw Raglan. I mean, I only have to complete the sleeves for goodness sake! Oh, well. And the neck/collar as well. I am just so intimidated by the thing for some reason.

11) I did join the Bejewelled KAL so: Bejewelled.

12-15) This is for wiggle room. Likely projects to make from my stash: Endpaper Mitts, dishcloths, socks - maybe even Lucy Lu.

Good god. Even as I write this lengthy and intimidating list I am remembering other projects I want to make NOW. What is this? Crafty ADD? I guess I'm just a knitter who Cain't Say No.

Here is how I spent the 1st of January.

Welllll...use your imagination since Blogger won't upload photos AGAIN.

That is what chatting until 12:30 will do to you when you are a tired little knitter.


Posted by Miss Scarlett @ 8:34 PM

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Wow, you have quite a list going on there. Mind, I probably have a longer list then I would like to try to write out too.

Best of luck with all of that.

Posted by Blogger Dorothy @ 7:47 AM #

Good luck! I know you can do it :o)

Happy New Year!

Posted by Anonymous JessaLu @ 9:37 AM #

Hey, how is it that you slipped in ahead of me on the fibre arts ring? You're #82 and I'm #84!

Happy New Year! Here's to making new friends in blogland and in the real world.

Posted by Blogger Yvette @ 10:30 AM #

That list would really intimidate me! I'll enjoy watching your progress. :0)

Posted by Blogger Charity @ 10:34 AM #

That is one heck of a list, mine is alittle shorter but just as intimidating!

Posted by Blogger KeanaLee @ 12:54 PM #

I too find resolutions somewhat pointless. I seems as if they aren't supposed to be completed, ya know? So this year I've made goals for myself to reach. I find goals are much more attainable that resolutions, and you might actually get a few done!

And I also have crafty ADD. I want to start like 50 projects and not finish one of them! If I wasn't so concerned about occupying my needles, I might have more WIPs. Kudos to you for making a list!

your SP, Rose

Posted by Anonymous Anonymous @ 2:24 PM #
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