Sunday, November 05, 2006

What's in a name?

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There seems to be a profusion of babies everywhere I go. Co-workers having babies, friends having babies, relatives having babies, acquaintances and parents of children in our daycare & preschool having babies. Whew. That is a lot of babies. For perspective I know 7 people who are pregnant at the moment, 4 people who just had babies and at work 5 of our families have new babies.

So let me tell you, there have been a lot of names flying around. Naming a child. What a responsibility. Names carry so much weight. They influence opinion before you are even introduced.

Case in point - one family was seriously considering Kiki Snow for their new daughter. What sort of career options are open to a girl named Kiki Snow? In the end, after 9 days of having no name, they called her Grace Deni. Close call little one.

Here is a partial list of the babies recently named:
Frost (m)
Samia (f)
Cameron (f)
Strykker (m)

How difficult for people naming their babies to always be confronted by the opinion of others. 'Cause we have opinions! Even if they aren't voiced, they may be betrayed by a long pause, a flinch, a stifled smile. How awful for a new parent.

But I have to say this, we were relieved the baby's name was Samia, we thought she was called Samuel. Yipes. And do you really want to be encouraging domestic violence? (Strykker)

Oh. We have a parents group that meets each Friday for breakfast and then we have workshops/presentations for our Preschool families. At this weeks, Strykker was there with his mother. When the presenter heard the baby's name she said - "I have cousin named Strykker. Our family thought his parents were on drugs. I mean what kind of a name is that? I have never heard anyone else with that name before. Weird."

Seriously. To her face. Before a group of parents and professionals.

The Mom laughed it off after the lady gave a half-*ssed apology. But this is my point. It must be very difficult to name your baby. I think you must just have to be sure for yourself and forget everyone else, because there are going to be reactions, and uncouth people who will tell you publicly what they think of your choice.

Incidentally, when I was naming Kira, I was SURE I made the name up.

For those of you who have asked the latest dishclothes were knit using Amazon DK 100% mercerized cotton. It comes in some pretty fabulous colours. At my LYS I paid $3.49 per 50g ball - not too sure if that is a good price, but there it is.

Posted by Miss Scarlett @ 7:29 AM

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Too much pressure in naming babies - that's why I went with plain old family names when Dobby came around ;o) (and she's really happy I didn't name her Brigid *g*)

Posted by Anonymous JessaLu @ 12:23 PM #

For me, everyone is giving me names they think I should use! And most of them are too..too..I don't know, frilly? foofie? Whatever the word they are not me. I like basic names myself.

Posted by Blogger Starfish @ 6:39 PM #

Gosh! Sometimes parents really go to extremes naming their babies, without ever thinking that it's them - the kids and the kids only - who will have to go through their lives with names that they didn't choose themselves and that they probably wouldn't have chosen. Of course it might be nice choosing something out of the common, something a bit more "exotic" - but parents should really have a bit of thinking before they mess up their kids lifes like that. Kiki Snow, for heaven's sake! But it can be worse, way worse... ;)

Posted by Anonymous Dipsy D. @ 3:29 AM #
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