Monday, November 06, 2006

Watery Deep

I am one of those people. The kind that loves the rain.

We have had an unseasonably (and I think unreasonably) sunny year. I'm talking sun from April to October. That is too much. I was disconcerted. I mean, I was waking up and saying in a morose tone: "Imagine. It's sunny. Again." It was ruining my day to wake up to the sun! What is that about? I think it is because I was born in Prince Rupert - and while we moved when I was 10 months old, I was already programmed for the rain. 100" is the annual rainfall average!

{We inherited this pic from my Nana. You can see she sketched in a border around me - and labelled me. She wasn't the classiest of artists but she loved me. }

Well, we have been getting some rain around here! Finally. But let me tell you. Instead of steady rain - which would be normal for our coast - we are getting torrents of rain. Torrents.

There has already been flooding since Friday. Not here yet - but check out these pictures from this afternoon.

This is about 4 blocks from our house. It is the spot at the dyke where they measure the level of the water. On a typical day you would have to get out and walk right up to the edge, lean over and then you would see some water. There is a measuring line that goes up to about 10-12 ft and right now, right now you can't even see that measuring line. That is a lot of water.

Tonight they have two municipal workers on flood watch. They are leaning over that rail with their flashlights on the water. Not too sure what they are accomplishing doing that all night. But hey, it's overtime I'm sure!

Our playground at work is a water park. Pics of that tomorrow.


Posted by Miss Scarlett @ 10:29 PM

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Oy - this is definitely too much water, to say the least! I've been noticing this in the past years over here as well, weather seems to be getting totally out of control - there's either sunshine and heat-records without an end or so much rain that it leads directly to flooding - nothing in between anymore, nothing common or normal, just everything up to the extremes. I wonder where this will lead to? I sure hope - even though you so like rain - that you won't be getting much more of it these days so that major damage can be prevented - fingers crossed for you guys over there!
And I *so* love that pic of you as a baby, what a cute little thing you've been!

Posted by Anonymous Anonymous @ 3:25 AM #

I love the rain, love to go out in it especially to the woods. Our house was flooded nearly 30 years ago, before we lived here, so altough we have flood defenses I can get a little nervy if there is a combination of high tide, high winds and excess rain.

Posted by Anonymous Anonymous @ 7:11 AM #

Ah the ironies of life; I remember visiting BC about 10 years ago and thinking it was never sunny. OF course these days everything is in extremes (too much, not enough). I do hope it levels out though - I know they had problems with water on some of the islands this summer. Good luck with the rain.

Posted by Blogger Unknown @ 8:09 AM #

I love the rain as well michelle, it may be somehting in our family that we don't know about. I told debbie I loved the rain and that it doesn't rain enough here and she jsut looked at me like i was insane or something.
I love the baby picture from nanna's, did you and mom getg all our kid/baby pictures from there?
I'll email you for real some time, you are hardest person to get on the phone, but probably if I actualy called at night I may get you. LOL Later michelle.

Posted by Blogger nameisjd @ 12:56 PM #
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