Saturday, October 21, 2006

Time to Change

Stop washing your hair with shampoo!!

I read about this seeming radical change in personal grooming from
Haley Alaska - just one of the tips I've gleaned there. Can such a small change lead to larger changes? Attempting to go shampoo free is one of many little choices I try to make to lessen the amount of chemicals in my body and home. So far I am 5 days in and my hair is actually curlier and much easier to manage. I am hoping this continues to be true. It feels good to do something relatively healthy for myself - if I can just stop hitting drive-thru's again! My non-existent waist would thank me!

Now I am going to leap from this little change to global change - I know what you're thinking: Did I just stumble upon a socio-political blog? It's called Knittnfool but...?

I just finished watching
An Inconvenient Truth. Talk about food for thought - I have some personal reviewing to do in the next little while. If you haven't seen this film you really should. Its simplicity and clarity are remarkable. I found it upsetting during the film that there seemed to be no suggestions to combat global warming - wait for it. The closing credits are brilliant. And effectively motivating.

IN OTHER NEWS: I also watched The Illusionist today. ("Illusions, Dad. You don't have time for my Illusions.") Beautiful film. Annnnd I watched the orignial debut movie for Trailer Park Boys (who knew they were pet assassins?!) & the Conky episode {my 3rd favourite - the carts episode where Ricky keeps falling down the hill? and the gasbar where he falls with the patch on? Deadly funny. This glut of viewership let me knit about 4" of the baby blanket while I nursed my fever and sore throat.

It also let Kira do this:


Posted by Miss Scarlett @ 11:31 PM

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Cute pic of your dog. You got to knit 4" of the baby blanket during a show, that's great.You better have your next project lined up because at this rate you are going to finish this very soon.LOL

Posted by Blogger KnitPastis @ 2:21 AM #

Yet another thing I truly admire about you is that you can go from reviewing An Inconvenient Truth to TPB in the same note without batting an eye - and like you, I laugh myself silly at them... supposed to see the movie with my brothers, but up to me to organize, I guess...

LOVE your mitts - and I agree with knitpastis, you need something else waiting in the wings... the blanket will move along faster than you think -

Posted by Blogger deirdre @ 5:28 AM #

You should watch Supersize Me if you want to cure yourself of the drive thru craze - the food is seriously crap. Good job on the baby blanket; perhaps your illness could prolong itself long enough for you to get it all done although I do hope you feel better soon!

Posted by Blogger Cynthia @ 8:05 AM #

This is interesting, Miss Scarlet. I've heard about making my own laundry detergent, but never about going shampoo free. I'll have to look further. :0)

Posted by Blogger Charity @ 9:45 AM #

Very commendable, but I don't know about this shampoo free thing. I use Suave and for like $1.29 I can wash my hair for months. I agree that we all need to figure out how to put less chemicals in the world, that's for sure!

Posted by Blogger Starfish @ 3:54 PM #
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