Sunday, August 06, 2006

Tee Hee

I was mentioned on another blog! I am so excited about it!

The Rule of Four

4 Jobs I've had in my life

1. Chambermaid - My first job. I was 16. It was hard but I was lucky. I had great ladies who took care of me - I never had to clean a party room. Let me tell you - that is nice.
2. Nanny - Fun, fun, fun. But practically free - not a way to support yourself. It helped me between High School & College
3. Barista - 'cause that just sounds so much better. No, it wasn't Starbucks. It was a little privately owned coffee/tea house in a historical building. I did this for nearly a year when I took a hiatus from childcare. It was fun, relaxed (maybe a little too relaxed) and always interesting. By and large I met incredibly nice people, most tourists - but let me tell you the strange ones (and there were strange ones!) make for better stories.
4. Early Childhood Educator - sounds pretentious but it covers the gamut. Since 1995 I have worked in preschools (3-5 yr olds) and daycares (infant care, toddler care, 3-5 care) in a variety of programs. Currently I am working in an Out of School Care program - we are having a total blast going on daily field trips this summer.

4 Movies I would watch over and over

1. Hamlet - the Mel Gibson version (this was so pre, pre, pre DUI rant)
2. Persuasion - Sigh...
3. The Fifth Element - so over the top and that opera diva!
4. Amadeus - that movie literally changed my life

4 Places I've lived

1. Prince Rupert, BC - Ok I was 8 months old when we moved but...
2. Vancouver, BC - from 8 months to 3 yrs old and then from 17-24 yrs old
3. Bellingham, WA - for about 9 months as a wild and crazy teen
4. Squamish, BC - from 3 yrs old - 17 and then 24-present

4 TV Shows I watch

1. Grey's Anatomy
2. Lost
3. Survivor
4. The Office

4 Places I've vacationed

1. Alaska - from the decks of cruise ships that is. 4 cruise ships in fact: The Dawn Princess, The Mercury, The Infinity and The Radiance of the Seas. It may seem excessive but each cruise has been round-trip Vancouver to Vancouver and on sale and with extended family/friends who don't dig the heat. That is how I excuse it...
Next September we are taking the Norwegian Sun to Alaska
2. Disneyland - It truly is the happiest place on earth!
3. New York, Ny - I love that city
4. Montreal, QE (?) - beautiful city with incredible restaurants

4 Websites I visit daily

1. All of the links in my sidebar
2. The Weather Network - lame, I know
3. Sympatico Entertainment - where else would I get all the celebrity dirt?
4. CTV News

4 Favourite foods

1. Chocolate anything nearly (just no covered insects - that is a nightmare)
2. Pad Thai
3. Asparagus
4. Ice Cream

4 Places I would rather be right now

1. Camping in Nehalem Bay, Oregon. This spot is so incredible. A 15 min walk on the beach to town and some fabulous lattes. Kira went crazy running on the beach every morning.
2. On a deckchair with my music, journal, knitting, a great book and an overpriced latte.
3. Bard on the Beach
4. Laying on a sandy beach with the sound of the waves crashing.

4 Friends I think will respond with their own list of 4

1. Jessica @ Jessalu Knits
2. Carrie @ Every Word's a Purl
3. Cynthia - if she was feeling better. :-{
4. Really even these are guesses - my blog is just a baby still


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Wow! I can't believe you know Snoqualmie! Isn't the train depot gorgeous there? I was there until about 8 years old... great place to be a little kid. Fantabulous mud pies in the shadow of Mt. Si.

Oregon coast = gorgeous.

Posted by Blogger Kate D. @ 6:47 PM #

i'll have to remember to do this next time i post. i can't believe you were a chambermaid! that's nuts!

Posted by Blogger carrie @ 7:41 PM #
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