Monday, July 10, 2006

How could you say "No"?

Ok come on. What kind of person are you if you see this little face snuggled up on a picnic blanket beside it's owner and you say "You're going to have to put that dog in your vehicle. No dogs allowed on the beach."

Beach my ass. It is patchy lawn and gravel beside a lake. I am surrounded by 6 kids shivering in their wet bathing suits and there are a total of 2 other families in the area.

Oh dogs are allowed in the park. Just not on the beach. The rest of the 'park' is parking lot and forest. Ah. How reasonable. Wait. Wait. It gets better. It is a mere $1000.00 fine if the Municipal Worker comes by (apparently this chick with the rake is just a messenger) and the dog is sitting with us. If she is locked in the overheated vehicle no problem. And no - that is not a typo. One thousand dollars to have a dog on the 'beach'.

If I choose to smoke upwind from a group of children that is my perogative, but the dog cuddled up beside it's owner? That will not do at all. She could cause a dog fight I'm told. Second hand smoke kills (not that the man 2 picnic tables over cares) but this dog tangled in my yarn is an imminent threat to the park facilities.

Where are our priorities these days? Why can no one be reasonable? She is not a pit bull. She weighs 12 lbs and she was ASLEEP!!

The sensible 8 year old boy starts putting his stuff in his bag while saying to the other kids "Come on. If Kira has to go let's all go." Awww. Even that doesn't sway the rake lady. So we leave 1 1/2 hrs early from our field trip, drive around the lake to the playground - oh. There is a sign there. No dogs on the 'beach'. Apparently any section of imported gravel at this lake is beach. So Kira and I sit in the van watching the kids play.

I knit. I knit angrily. I hadn't realized I could do that. I never really had to before.

Earlier I had been laughing at Kira. She always, always tangles herself in my yarn. The strangest part is that she cannot untangle herself. She just looks at me when I say "fix your leash". This command works just fine if her leash gets between her legs or around her feet. She daintily hops out of the loops. Yarn however defeats her.

Is it a protest? Does she envy the time/energy I spend with my yarn? Or is she a frustrated knitter?

She reminds me of a Mitch Hedberg qoute: 'A kitten bats around a ball of yarn but what he's really saying is, "You know I can't knit, motherfucker." That is one foul mouthed kitten.'

Posted by Miss Scarlett @ 11:02 PM


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