Monday, June 19, 2006


It was lovely in the garden this evening.
My peonies have bloomed for the first time ever.
They are 4 years old this season. I love how huge the blooms are and they are so vibrant.
The shot of the Canterbury Bells is taken from my seat at the patio table where I peek between the plum tree and the Engelman's Ivy - which is going wild this year. You can just see the first rose of the summer behind the Bells too. Sadly those roses have no fragrance. Why I ever planted an unscented rose I am not sure, but it is a prolific bloomer with flowers well into the late Fall.
All plans to grow veggies seems to have gone by the wayside. Though I do have heads of lettuce tucked away behind the Sedum - mostly slug fare! I used to scoff at gardens full of flowers and now I find I neglect my veggies terribly and baby my flowers and shrubs.
It is great to spend some time unwinding in my green space - whether the veggies are holey and nibbled to the stem or not (mostly they are!).
Oooh and I forgot - you can see one of my Lion's that stands on either side of the path between the lavender. The detail on those Lions amazes me. I ordered them from E-Bay as they were so Aslan-ish, they have a real presence in the garden though they are comparatively small.
In knitting news - My KnitPicks order came today! Lots of little gifties for my Secret Pal - such fun! And 3 new Knitting books for me.
I may highlight some of my favourite patterns here tomorrow.
For now I will dream of adding new flower beds to my yard...


Posted by Miss Scarlett @ 11:08 PM

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I love your garden details! Peonies are among my favourite flowers; we planted a bunch of new ones last fall and have some baby peonies (we also have a couple of nice large ones). Your lions are a nice touch in the garden; well done!

Posted by Blogger Cynthia @ 12:50 PM #

oh, how i long to have a garden like yours someday. the peonies were worth the wait, no?
and congrats on the new baby in the family!

Posted by Blogger carrie @ 9:29 PM #
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