Monday, May 22, 2006

The Agony...

minus the ecstasy.
I have had a long weekend filled with pain.
Brutal, relentless and exhausting.
A nerve has died in a tooth - or something
equally dreadful.
I spent an hour and a half in the ER
waiting room Saturday night reading
the depressing book to the right
and trying not to gag on the smell
of all the drunks keeping me
I watched Return of The King and
knit about 8 rows - it is hard to knit
when you are in pain - I hadn't realized.
I worked in the garden for about 5 hours, got a sunburn on my back but it was worth it - the work either stopped the pain or helped me ignore it.
It is sitting down that brings it to the fore - so knitting, or reading or anything else I would dearly love to do after 3 nights with 4 or less hours of sleep.
So...the laundry is done, the living room is organized, the back yard is immaculate, the bathroom is cleaned (read sterile!), the hall closet is organized, the mail is organized, I made the most un-Martha topiary frame for my ivy out front and I started painting a wooden bird house.
I will try and take some pics of the garden later this week - I made 3 extensions to beds and filled my baskets (hanging etc.) plus put together a basket for my sister.
The cats have been confused by this whirlwind of activity - and Kira is exhausted - she gets up when I do (aside from the constant napping) and goes to bed when I do -- so she too has had about 12 hrs of sleep over the long weekend.
Speaking of cats - last night the patio door was open and I could hear this strangely familiar chirping sound getting louder and closer. As it approached the door I was thoroughly confused - I thought the squirrel was coming IN - then Majeeks scuttled in suspicioulsy low to the ground.
He had a hummingbird in his mouth - I screamed and he freaked out - which resulted in the bird flying back out the door, hopefully unharmed - and the cats were nervous all night.
You try to do something feed the birds, and what happens? Actually this year we have barely been able to keep the hummingbird feeder filled they are at it so constantly.
I have to buy a statue or something to place beneath the cedar hedge - that is where I caught Majeeks today, stalking the feeder - it is an ideal location for pouncing and you really can't see him, he just blends into the shadows.

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